A new addition to the HDH dungeon...

... that's right, I have collected yet another soul to do my Macabre Monday bidding!
She is from the "meat-grinder Tilda" fame.
Have you guessed yet?
That's right... please velcome:

The Imp of Insanity Ike

Here's a little bio:
Hi there – I am Ike……a nickname that I got hooked with many years ago due to my surname, and in my profession at that time, …… they just loved  to give nicknames.

OK – potted history ….. I was born in the UK, went to art college, worked as a Cop for 30 years, had me 1 fabulous daughter, lived on an island, retired and moved to another country, became a grandmother, do my own thing  :-D

I live in Greece now and have a passion for kitties J I have 8 house cats and several interlopers that I feed at the windows. This number grows all the time as the kitty telegraph goes around !!  I also have 8 English Light Sussex chickens that I reared myself in an incubator.

I am a complete nutter or should I say I’m ‘zany’ hahaha.  I have a very strange/sick sense of humour and I must admit I spend a lot of time talking to myself. !!  Well, I get more sense out of me.!  I reckon in a few years I shall be known as the “crazy cat lady”.

I am an artist and have a strange mind when it comes to creating my art. I either go completely true to life… right down to the last hair… or I go totally surreal.   I have a passion for all things horror/Gothic etc. I’ve always loved horror films and books and I guess that’s why it creeps into my stuff ! 

Had I been a bit younger I swear I would have been a Goth……luuuuuv it.

Next time around I am gonna be a witch or a cat.

Ike also has an online store HERE.

Please give her a roasty welcome, and I know you will enjoy what she will bring to the Macabre Minion faction :)


Congratulations Ike...... I love your stuff....... can't wait to see what you create here :)
Teri said…
Yeay!! Welcome aboard hun! xxx
Andrea C said…
Wow you better watch if you still have handcuffs the mistress will be nabbing those hehe. Welcome aboard the crazy train xx
Steph said…
Congrats Ike!
Arts by Sara said…
Wooo Hooo!!! Congrats Ike... You Go Girl!!! Hugs!!!
KristyLee said…
HI IKE!! Congrats to you being a minion! I love your bio, and your picture, you look FABULOUS darling!! Love the red in your hair!! ;)
Well I think the world of you and your art work, looking fwd to seeing the things you create for HDH! I wanna live in Greece, you lucky dog! LOL!I didnt know you use to be a cop, wowzers that is way cool, you go girl! Much love, your freaky friend,
Jenn Borjeson said…
Welcome aboard!!!! :)

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