Mutinous Monday...

Just a few more weeks and the Minions will be back!  Until then, here is a little sumpin' sumpin' from the Mistress:

All of the stamps used here are/were from The Angel Company.  I cut up a large collage stamp that had a vintage chick on it with a totally f'd up face... the border and the sentiment was pretty cool, so viola!  I even did a little heat embossing on this baby.

I paper-pieced the chair fabric for a little POP o' color... regal purple... mmmmmmm... this makes me think of True Blood's former King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington for some reason.  

(image borrowed from Google Images)
Though Russell was not a looker (helloooooo Eric... I miss you), he definitely had that royal air about him.  Not to mention his style of furnishings:

(image borrowed from Google Images)
Anyway... back to the grind... I need to work on my class samples, but I'm probably just going to veg in front of the tv.  Gotta work at the Evil Job tomorrow... dammit.  

Question of the day:  Why can't someone just pay me to HDH all day?  (sigh)


Crafty Loops said…
This card looks amazing. I love the colours and the sentiment is so true, lol. Lee x
Very that purple chair!
Andrea C said…
Superbly classy royal card xx
KristyLee said…
Love your card, and the sentiment cracks me up! Great job! I wish you could get paid too to just run HDH!
Have a great crafty day!
Great card Barb, love the colours and the sentiment is FAB LOL
AmethystCat said…
awesome!!! so glad you cut up the collage stamp. great idea!!! And, of course, I *heart* the purple chair!

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