Macabre Mondays are coming.....

That's right!
It's time to dust off your ghoulish goodies and get
ready to start off the New Year with a whole new
slew of Macabre Monday challenges!!

Little hint: The first challenge of the New Year is gonna
be GOTHIC in nature.

That is all.

Come back on Monday if you dare!!!
Bring a friend if you think it will help. 


Jane Wetzel said…
this pic is AWESOME!!! lol LOVE it!
pensive pumpkin said…
"bring a friend if you think it will help"

ike said…
EXCELLENT - I'm waiting :-D
Great pikkie by the way - fabulous twist - made me laugh !!! snort xxx
LOL FAB pic!
Can't wait for Monday...... I've missed you guys and Mac Monday :)
really looking forward to Monday again. Breaks are good - makes us miss you more lol
Unknown said…
wow! on so many levels this is great! Funny, scary, original!

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