Wretched Wednesday - Pumpkinhead

This week's Macabre Monday challenge is
Movie Madness: Pumpkinhead. 

Now I totally grew up on the horror of the 70's and the 80's.
I remember the teenage neighbors coming home from the 
theater after seeing the original Friday the 13th. I begged them for 
details and then went around to all of my friends acting as if I had
actually seen the movie myself. What a little poseur. Ha!

Even though the film "Pumpkinhead" was a flop when it was 
released back in 1988, it has gone on and attained cult status
in today's pop culture.

With my mojo being on reserve these days, I did manage to
come up with something kinda cool.

This is a work in progress. Hopefully, I can get it finished
tonight. The Copics that I used to color this guy with are very
sticky right now. And the markers don't blend worth a turd on this
plastic either. Hmmm. I'm already vested here, so it's too late
to start something new.

I do have pretty good turd polishing abilities, so stay tuned.

Now for a Gruesome Twosome announcement.

Last week's GT for the 
Lurid and Looming Landscape
challenge are:


Thank you to everyone who entered and it was nice
to see some new faces playing along with our usual suspects.    


Gina said...

The colours look awesomely merged on screen! Try drying it with heat gun...might help...might just solve the problem of vested interest by destroying it totally!!:D XXX

~Lady B~ said...

I'm having the same trouble trying to color my vinyl toys. Perhaps airbrushing or spray painting will work better. When you figure out the best technique, let me know.

DonnaMundinger said...

I'd say lookin' good, so far! However, I've read you next post. OOOOpppss!!! xxD