Wonderfully Wicked Etsy finds

I have been feeling a bit under the weather lately
so I am just going to post some cool schtuff I found on Etsy.

Tommy - 13 x 19 limited edition print
This is Tommy from the uber talented
 Monsters of Rock portraits.

Maybe Motley Crue isn't to your liking.
How about...

Joey - 13 x 19 limited edition print
...some Joey Ramone?

Or maybe some of you are into a little
G'n'R (I won't hold it against you).

Axl - 13 x 19 limited edition print
Axl has never looked better in my opinion.

Jason has more awesome art listed in his Etsy shop.
Check him out!

Maybe you're in the mood for something a bit more
This would be killer in my house! Just sayin'.
is a master with the chalk ware.

Coffin Ouija Wooden Plaque
This coffin shaped Ouija board would also be right
at home in my house!
Li Grand Zombi strikes again!
Check out his Etsy shop here.

And now for the coolest thing I have ever seen...

 Bespoke 3D printed Skull Ring in Stainless Steel
3D printed skull rings!!!
Yes, I did say, "printed".
Check out their Etsy store,

Lastly, I present a doll of magnificent talent.

Lillith and Eva  ART DOLL ooak fantasy tale goat fairies fairy  white
Sandra Arteaga is a mesmerizing sculptress!
Such whimsy and fantastical details!!
Please treat yourself and stop by her Etsy shop here


Anonymous said…
You're so right about Sandra Artega. I felt a shiver down my spine when I visited her blog. Thanks for this inspiration. I'll try to be inspired but first I have to finish writing a paper...

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