Wretched Wednesday - Seven Deadly Sins - Invidiousness

Envy (also called invidiousness) is best defined as an emotion that
 "occurs when a person lacks another's (perceived) superior quality,
achievement, or possession and either desires it
or wishes that the other lacked it."

This week's challenge  of
The Seven Deadly Sins
has proven to be just that, a challenge. 
I have scrapped two projects already and am less than pleased with my
current offering. I am being a weak ticket and I am offering up this
stunning array of awesomeness to feast your eyes upon
in an invidious manner.
I shall be farting my very own brand of bone dust this Friday,
when I turn into a 'forty-something'. Boo hiss!
This is a killer birthday gift sent from a dear friend, and 
soul sistah Minion, Andrea.
Can you feel the envy starting to creep in yet?
Did you see the European Hello Kitty PEZ, complete with
skully bow?!
How about now? Any sign of envy yet?

Check out these AMAZING embellies!!!
All totally handmade and so detailed!! She needs to be selling these!
Maggots, and eyeballs and coffins! Oh my!

Check out how teeny tiny these are!

If you still aren't feeling sufficiently envious you can 
pop by my blog and see a more detailed description of this, 
more than to be envied loot!

And now without further ado,

Last week's chosen
Gruesome Twosomes

Congratulations ladies! Please grab your badge and
post it with the Pride of the Minions!!
Thanks to everyone who played and has played along with our
weekly challenges!!
You make the world just a bit more sinister and we like that!   


CarlaKH said…
Whoohoo Thanks for the honor and early happy birthday wishes! Nice haul you have there too!
Jenn Borjeson said…
Aaaah -love those little embellies, I want some! LOL Happy Birthday girlie, I joined the "40-something" club a month ago. :) xo
Yey I made the Gruesome Twosome!!! and I am still completely pea green with envy!!!! LOL What a FAB Birthday prezzie, they are all great!!! Please ask Andrea to start selling them, then we can all have some :)

Fiona. x

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