Happy Birthday, Hagatha...

 ...aka Creepy Glowbugg.   >:)   Just kidding!
It IS true, though, that today our very own CreepyGlo turns... how old?  Oh!  Old.
{sinister snickering in the background}
I know... payback is a bitch.  But sometimes it is totally worth it ;)
I searched for a few images of things CG likes, or those that remind me of her:
Skully Hello Kitty
If this is a real game, I seriously need to find a Super Nintendo :)
Mice Taxidermy - Ode to Halloween
Jim Henson's Labyrinth puppets
Classic horror movie monsters

Seriously, we do love ya', CreepyGlo.  In addition to your mad skills with paper, ink, and polymer clay, your comic relief always makes us smile.
Thanks so much for all you do here at HDH, and for trying to keep me on track...
THAT in itself is a full time job!

I hope your day is a fantastic one!!


Creepy Glowbugg said…
Aw! You like you me! You really like me!
It is so nice to be accepted and loved by such a cool bunch of chicks! Every one of those references is soooo me!
You had me at Hallowe'en mouse taxidermy!!! I MUST have that!!! Money is NO object!!
Thanks for the laughs and the snarkiness!!
DonnaMundinger said…
I'm pretty darn fond of those mice too! Perhaps if I can shoo Goliath away from the next one he brigns home, I can give it a go. xxD
wicKED said…
Happy Birthday!

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