Better-late-than-never Birthday Bloghop...

Once again, a couple of us dropped the ball here at HDH and totally forgot one of the Minion's birthdays was yesterday.  Dammit!  Teri, please forgive us... at least you should be getting some guilt loot out of the deal, I'm sure!  I don't know Teri as well as I do Creepy Glowbugg, but here are a few highlights:

Mythical Art Nouveau artistry:

Ike's infamous Tilda Mince... but then again, I think ALL of us enjoyed THAT one!

80's metal hair band, Whitesnake... here is a shot with their serious rocker faces on... even though one is in pink and another has fringed sleeves... very few can pull THAT off  :)

Here is the green snakeskin dress that Teri wore (in our heads) to her last Whitesnake concert:

Filigree pendant... not sure if Teri would like it, but it makes me think of her:

Be sure to check back with the Minions throughout the day to see what they've posted on their blogs for the belated Birthday Girl!  Happy Birthday, Teri!!  We really DO love you and appreciate all of your awesome artwork here at HDH  :)


Creepy Glowbugg said…
Yeah, we totally suck. Not even in a good way either.
Happiest of Birthdaze to you Teri!
Must get busy preparing your guilt riddled pressie.
Teri, I hope you had a FANTABULOUS day and I'm so sorry that we dropprd the ball on this one. Hugs to you, honey! :D
Teri said…
Sending a HEX your way peeps! LOL
Loving the tribute, where DID you get that 'Snake piccie from?? tee-hee!
BTW - my snake dress is a long one with a slit up the leg, and it is black and white. I coloured it green to fit my card! ha-ha! Daughter has it now though - too many choccies and too much booze to fit it nowadays!
Thanks for the belated b'day wishes peeps - love ya!!
Andrea C said…
Hope you had a great one Teri xx
Jenn Borjeson said…
Happy Birthday Teri! ROFL at the Whitesnake photo - my hair was even bigger in the '80's... hee hee :)
DonnaMundinger said…
Mea culpa! Was gone all yesterday. So sorry I missed your birthday but that means you'll just have to prolong the birthday experience TODAY. We love ya, girly! xxD
Anita Bownds said…
Happy Birthday Teri i hope your day was awesome!! hugz Anita..xx

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