Spooky Diva digi...

Remember these cards?

I had several people inquire about the stamp that I had used... it was retired.  Guess what?  You can now buy the whole set of 6 stamps as digital images for only $3.75!  No, I'm not getting paid to do this, but I thought y'all would like to know... I'm nice like that ;)

They are at Digi Design House (no, I am not affiliated) right HERE.

If you DO pop over there to purchase, please drop me an email.  I had asked them to re-release this set, so I'm curious to see how popular it will be!


You are soooo nice! :)

Love the last one best. Great work!

Sharon said…
Your cards are fantastic!! And I loved that image so much I just went and bought the set!!!!
CuddlyBunny said…
Ouuu! Awesome! I've ordered a set myself! :)

Thank you for requesting the re-release!
Chelsea said…
I remember and still love them!
Lisa said…
Thank you so much for telling us! Your cards made me fall in love with the image so of course I had to have it :)
Jodi said…
Thanks for sharing...bought the set :) It was such a great deal, how could I pass it up.
ike said…
WoW - way cool :-) Doesn't she look FAB as a bride.
I went over and snagged my set :-D

Thank you
Ike xxxx
Yvonne said…
Spooky with a touch of class. Love it, Donna!
Melanie said…
Wow, you've done a great design retrospective here. Six cards with one image and they're all amazing. Bravo.
Steph said…
Lovin' all these cards, so of course I went and bought the set :) Couldn't pass up a deal like that!

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