HDH's 100th challenge Gruesome Twosome & Blog Candy!

Woo Hoo, right?!  First up:

HDH100 - Varying Visages of Vincent:  Kelli & Jamie S. & Lady B.
I couldn't get it down to two... so it's a Gruesome Threesome this time :)

Grab the badge and display it with pride, ladies!!!

 Now... what you've really tuned in for...
Mmmmm.... Blog candy corn.

This is my cute little iron cauldron in which we loving placed all of participants' names... sometimes three times each for entering the challenge:

There they are... little slips of paper... anxiously awaiting to possibly be plucked from the depths of the cauldron:

This is my friend, Beverly... well, actually it's just her hand.  Really there IS more to her, but we won't be showing you that.  She is stirring the cauldron:

Now with her hand plunged into the brew of slips, she prepares to draw one lucky name...

And the winner is...

{pause for effect}

{drum roll}

Oooops... outta time... Be sure to tune in next week when we find out what name has been scrawled on this winning slip of paper!!!

{muhuwaah ahh ahh ahh ahh aahhhhhhhhh}




Just kidding!  I've told you I'm a bit of a bitch ;)  It's even worse when there are two of us... I mean Beverly and I... not me and the voice in my head :P
{que music from Sybil}

KC / Kapree!

Congratulations!  Please contact me via email (see sidebar) with your mailing address and I can pop that in the mail this week!

Thanks for everyone playing along, and don't forget... we at HDH are here every week with a new creeptastic art challenge for you! 


Star said…
Congrats!! Looks like some very yummy candy! =D
Creepy Glowbugg said…
Yay Kapree!!! That baby is gonna LOVE her Haunted Design House punkin!!!
Jenn Borjeson said…
LOL congrats to Kapree! :)
~Lady B~ said…
Congrats on the blog candy, kapree!
ike said…
OMG - I might just have to find your house and creep in late at night in my burglar's outfit when it's dark and purloin all these lovely goodies in my little swag bag and then creep out again and fly off.................... no, no, NO, NO - get a grip..... what I mean is ..err... CONGRATS Kapree - you is one lucky Girl xxxxx
Alison said…
Congrats Kapree! Lucky Bi-otch! ;) Enjoy your swag! Congrats also to the Gruesome Threesome!!!
KC said…
AAAAAAAHHHHHHH OMG OMG I'm speechless! this is so cool! and thanks everyone for the congrats! I'll be sure that my baby knows where she got her cute lil pumpkin from :)
congrats to the Gruesome Threesome!
Congrats Kapree!!
congrats kapree!!!

is it wrong of me to have 2 banners on my bloggy? cause Im gonna!!! lol

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