HDH103 - Carnival of Curiosities

*Please see the sidebar for HDH Macabre Monday Rules*

First up... how about finding out who the HDH101 Kreepy Kids Gruesome Twosome is:

Alison for her vampified/zombified cutie, and Chloe for her wonderfully Witching Hour saga.  Congrats!  Grab your badge and wear it with pride, ladies!

Ok, macabre fans... your challenge this week:

"Carnival of Curiosities"
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
of the creepy circus or carnival oeuvre.
Come one, come all!! Bring out your freaks, your fortune tellers, terrifying clowns,
and your most curious of curios.

Now let's see what the MAGNIFICENT Macabre Minions have in store for you:

Sultana of the Sinister Lynx:

Creepy Cricut Cween Donna:

Agent of the Abominable Andrea:

Devious Digital Demoness Susan:

Temptress of Terror Teri

will post on Wretched Wednesday, so tune in!

Now let's see what little curiosities YOU have in store for US!


Laura B said…
Awesome creations! I love this theme.:) I'll try to play along if I can.
Oh yeah! Love love the Dark Carnival!
Nancy said…
OMGAWD!!! Those are freakin cool...I have so missed you Minions and your creepiness...I really am going to try this challenge this week...I have a couple of stamps that come to mind...Thanks for some wonderful inspiration and I can't wait to see what Glow posts on Wednesday....

Nancy T.
Lynne Phelps said…
Wonderful creations by the design team! Hope my art journal page is sufficiently creepy; it has an unintended touch of the macabre! Great challenge, it makes me think of that old Ray Bradbury story about the carnival! Hmmm. If only I could remember the name. . . Something Wicked This Way Comes?
Yeah! I made Gruesome Twosome! How exciting... all because my boys are actually the Kreepy gruesome twosome. Ironic. Thanks! And this challenge is PERFECT for what I have in mind. Yay!
Alison said…
Woo Hoo!!! I am THRILLED to have been named one of the Gruesome Twosomes for the Kreepy Kids challenge. I had such a blast with that one! Thank you!!!

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