HDH100 - Varying Visages of Vincent... & a little BLOG CANDY-CORN!

Ok, macabre fans... this week marks HDH's 100th challenge! I can't believe it... who knew there were so many creeptastically cool people out there?! Thanks to everyone for tuning in and having fun with this little ol' blog :)

So, to celebrate this milestone, we're going to do a few things different this week >;) The general list of rules still apply (see sidebar), so be sure to follow them to be considered for the coveted Gruesome Twosome & Master of the Macabre titles!

There is BLOG CANDY-CORN to be had this week! That's right... keep reading...

Did you know that Vincent Price would've been 100 this year?!
Yes, so it is divine providence that this week's challenge is:

"Varying Visages of Vincent"

(translates to: the many faces of Vinny)
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that is inspired by the TRUE Master of the Macabre, Vincent Price.
A movie, character, poem, narration, song or quote... anything that the great Vincent Price has touched can be used for inspiration. If you need a little help, HERE is a link for some images, HERE is the official Vincent Price website, and HERE is a link to a website with some audio clips.

Now, about the blog candy... Here's a pic so far:

There are rubber and clear stamps, a handful of cards created by The Masterful Mistress herself, chipboard shapes and letters, altered chipboard purse & album pages, skullies, ribbons, floss, embellishments, Distress Stickles, rub-ons... Even a cute stuffed jacko (he's my favorite)... and much much MORE!

As we get more comments & challenge entries,
there MIGHT be more thrown in throughout the week!
AND some of the Minions will be giving away additional blog candy on their own blogs...
be sure to check them out!

The rules for entering blog candy drawing:
1. Readers shall hop to each of the Macabre Minions blogs to see their take on the challenge...
readers must comment on each of the (6) posts.
2. Spread the word about the candy corn via your blog, Twitter, whatevah. Then just comment on this HDH post with a link to the announcement about it.
3. If you play along with the HDH Macabre Monday 100th challenge, you get TWO extra chances to win... just linky up and then add two more comments. We will be selecting a Gruesome Twosome like we normally do.

Now let's see what the Minions have in store for you:

Sultana of the Sinister Lynx

Creepy Cricut Cween Donna

Devious Digital Demoness Susan

Agent of the Abominable Andrea

Temptress of Terror Teri
Cadaverous Concoctor of Chaos Creepy Glowbugg

We can't wait to see everyone's take on this VIVP (Very Important Vincent Price) challenge!


AJ Blanton said…
I posted my entry and spread the word about your wonderful giveaway here: http://missouridaze.blogspot.com/2011/08/haunted-design-house-vincent-price.html
I also added a photo linked back to your blog candy giveaway on my blog.
I so wish I had time to make something....I so love this movies, defiantly and inspiration to the graveyard. Looking forward to the creations!!!

Crystal said…
OMG OMG OMG...Vincent Price is my all time favorite.... I'll be making something for this one for sure.
Gina said…
Awesome challenge!! Have posted candy in side bar, but have already done 2 posts today so will post tomorrow :D XXX
Gina said…
Totally finished the Hop!!! Such stunningly creepy inspiration!! Of the create mwahahaha......:D XXX
Laura B said…
Just finished looking at everyone's projects. They were fabulous! I may try to play along if I have time, I do love Vincent Price.:)
earthspirit927 said…
What great DT project they truly captured the essence that was Vincent Price!! The Hop was Fabulous!!
Crystal said…
I've posted a card and mentioned the blog candy corn and visited all the great DT's sites....what great schtufff!!!!

Here is the post about your wonderful blog candy! I'm off to make this weeks project. Amazing DT work, as always. Your ever faithful follower-Katt Korpsgryndr!
Jodi said…
I've checked out all the creepy Vincey creations by the minions and shared the challenge on my blog. Now, (feeling very intimidated) can I create something worthy.
AJ Blanton said…
I just finished the hop. So many WONDERFUL creations from the minions!
Love Vincent Price!!!!! Great Challenge.

Fiona. x
Great challenge! Just reposted your challenge plus giveaway on our FB challenge sharing group called Daisy Central. I post your challenge there every week. I'll convince some of them to come to the dark side soon! x
CarlaKH said…
I posted about the candy on my blog here:


Cant wait to come up with a VP entry!
ike said…
TOTALLY AWESOME HOP thank you. There are some amazing creations out there :-)
Will be posting in a moment.
Ike xx
ike said…
Here we are ... I've announced :=D
Ike xx

Alison said…
Love, love, LOVE this challenge! Happy 1oo Macabre Monday! The DT rocked the hell outta this challenge!
LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!! Totally made a project already, and hopped... now to post the blog candy and linky my project!!!

DT projects were FREAKIN AWESOME!
Here's the post about the candy...

Added my linky...used Susan's tut for my project...not as good as hers but hey Im trying! :))
This was a fabulous challenge! Love it!
ok- post one for my entry this week to the challenge
ok- post two for my entry to the challenge this week :)
Jamie Phillips said…
Great Challenge and I am going to get to work on my project tonight!! I have commented on all the amazing work your minions have done! Awesome work ladies!
Susan said…
Your candy is in my sidebar in the candy section! I am new here. LOVING IT!
gertie said…
lots of great stuff to win!!!
Jamie Phillips said…
I finished my project! I may work on another it was a lot of fun researching and creating with such a great icon.. Thanks for the challenge!
CuddlyBunny said…
What a fun challenge! Who doesn't love Mr. Price?

In case you don't get to drop by my blog (we're all freakin' busy) ... I thought you'd get a giggle out of this: The post I wrote for this piece is my 100th of 2011.

Oogie boogie, huh?

Have a great weekend!
Anonymous said…
I just finished the bloghop. Hard work for me as I haven't done a blog hop for months and I've almost forgot how to comment on blogs.

But first: congratz for the 100th challenge. Although I don't have much time at the moment I love coming here and looking at the projects of the Minions and the participants. Sometimes, the first thing that I do on monday morning is checking the Challenge.

I also made a small lsidebar post to your candy. I haven't done this for a long time so I had to remember how to do ;-)
Anonymous said…
Ohh and I did finish the challenge!
I was short before giving up because I couldn't draw Vincent Price. But I was lucky and found I film role of him I could draw: The invisible man.
Alison said…
I shared the link on my FB page! :) http://www.facebook.com/#!/alison.heikkila
Jodi said…
I shared my link. This was a tough challenge for a newbie like me, but you can't win if you don't play :) (Keeping my finger crossed)
~Lady B~ said…
Awesome hop! Great inspiration from the DT!
~Lady B~ said…
I spread the love on my bloghttp://ladybrayton71.blogspot.com/2011/08/varying-visages-of-vincent-hdh100.html
~Lady B~ said…
Posted on facebook too.http://www.facebook.com/ladybrayton
Alison said…
I just added my project to inlinkz! I had so many ideas in my head for this one. This was an awesome challenge!
Alison said…
This is my second comment for adding a project. Thanks for the chance of winning that crazy-awesome Blog Candy-Corn!
ldfdesign said…
congrats on the 100th challenge!!!!! thanks for the chance to win and the wonderful blog candy! i posted the candy on my blog, entered, and commented on the awesomeness of all the blogs! thanks again!
Cgra said…
Yay, Vincent! Love all the DT projects!
Cgra said…
And here's my link to the great blog candy!
I have created, posted, and entered! Yeah HDH!!!!
DK Spins said…
Awesome blog candy, Barb!! Thank you for hostessing this - Vincent Price is the Master!
KC said…
love the DT creations...posted about the candy here
KC said…
I also made a piece for the challenge
KC said…
and here is my second comment for playing along and a double chance to win some Halloween goodies!
DK Spins said…
Made a little shadow box of the Master. Thanks for the chance to win!
DK Spins said…
My 2nd extra chance to win for playing along. Thanks again for hostessing this Barb!
Jenn Borjeson said…
LOL I did do everything except leave a comment here for the blog candy, sorry about that! The post is on my blog here:

Jenn Borjeson said…
And I also played along! :) xo
Jenn Borjeson said…
And here's my 2nd comment for playing along. You guys rock.

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