Gruesome Twosomes, Masters, & other assorted freakishly fantastic people...

Now, the ever-so sought after Gruesome Twosome titles:

HDH096 - Xtremely Xhaustive:  I Don't do Straight & Wendy
HDH097 - Loathsome Lotharios:  Croms & Jenn
HDH098 - Haunted Birthday Bash:  Sammibug & Amie
HDH099 - Out!  Out, Damn Spot:  Amie & Katt... PLUS, THE favorite chosen by EVERY single one of the Minions & myself:  IKE!  Her Tilda-burger brought a smile to all of our faces... take THAT cute & cuddly Tilda!  I need to figure out a new title and badge just for you, Ike ;)

Grab the badge and display it with pride, ladies!!!

And now, the coveted Master of the Macabre title for July goes to:


Grab the badge and display it with pride, oh masterful one!  AND don't forget to email me with your postal mailing address so that I can get a little prize pack out to you!!  My email link is in the sidebar.

Congratulations to all of our winners... and to ALL of our participants!  YOU are the ones that make the world a little less cute & cuddly, one creeptastic project at a time :)

Don't worry... I haven't forgotten about the BIG HDH100 candy giveaway!  I've got to go through and double-check all the entries!  I'll be back with a separate announcement for that one...
{muhuwaah ahh ahh ahh ahh aahhhhhhhhh}


CuddlyBunny said…
Congratulations winners and thanks to Barb for the Haunted Design House!
Congrats to all that won one of these coveted awards and massive thanks to Barb and the Minions
Congrats to all the winners! So exciting that Amie won! She will be thrilled to be named Master of the Macabre... As for Kreepy Kids challenge... I have two kreepy boys who wrote the book on it! lol. See you back with a LO soon!
Jenn Borjeson said…
Oh cool - sweet. Thanks. :)
ike said…
Why, thank you kindly :-D
I'm glad you liked what I did to the D.Ts (Dreaded Tildas) hahaha
I must admit, I shouldn't laugh at my own work, but I DO laugh out loud every time I look at it. It's shortly on it's way to the US to grace a new home :-) :-)
At least the other challenge Blog I put them in had a sense of humour ..... har dee har har
I got ideas for another one :-D
Many thanks to all your hardworking Minions for their FAB creations.
Ike xx
amie said…
oh wow thanks heaps !!!! ( happy dance ) LOL
i will try and get back with my kids project !! Xx
Congrats to all and thanks again! HDH rocks!

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