{knock knock knock} Housekeeping...

I know that Sammibug & Ike are all taken care of, prize wise (Sammi, let me know when it arrives!)... who did I miss?  Email me (link in sidebar) and let me know so I can get those out this week!

I'm behind yet again in announcing a couple of the past Masters of the Macabre, but I was waiting for one last sponsor to name a winner... it STILL hasn't happened, so unfortunately I will have to substitute a prize for the Necro Neckware challenge.  Sorry guys!  Let me consult with the Minions to figure it out and I'll be back to announce winners.


ike said...

Oh that's such a shame they haven't bothered to answer you. I expect everyone would have loved to have seen their creation made into a necklace....I'm gutted :-(

Ike xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

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