Gruesome Twosomes

Creepy Glo here, with the names of some lucky ladies!!
That's right! I have the names of the Gruesome Twosomes
from the last few challenges here at HDH!

Wendy and Cuddly Bunny for the HDH095-Bone Pile challenge.

Katt  and Chloe for the HDH094-Mermaid challenge.  

Congratulations ladies!
Please grab the badge and display it with pride!

And now for some prizes!!
The winner of the HDH090-Kustom Kaskets challenge
is Gina - Day Dream Believer.
Congratulations Gina!
Since our sponsor decided not to fulfill their
end of the bargain, we will put together an equally
awesome prize for you!
Please email Barb (addy in the sidebar) with your postal
address so she can set the cauldron bubbling and get your
prize a simmering!
  Jodi is the winner of the $15 gift voucher to Scrap Your Scraps
for the HDH095 Bone Pile challenge.
Please email Barb (addy in sidebar) to claim your prize!

Congratulations to all of our winners... and to ALL of our participants! YOU are the ones that make the world a little less cute & cuddly, one creeptastic project at a time :)


So proud to be with Katt in the Gruesome Twosome! Badge going up right now! Loved the mermaid challenge. Thank you!!! xx
Jenn Borjeson said…
Congratulations to everyone! :)
Gina said…
Freakin' Fantastic!!!! I don't mind that the sponsor let you down...will wait with "Ann Tici Pation!" for your cauldron to boil over :D XXX
CuddlyBunny said…
Cool! I'm a Gruesome Twosome! Congratulations to all the winners and Gruesome Twosomes!

And sadistically sticky shame on the sponsor who isn't coming through with a promise. Shame. Shame. Shame!
Jodi said…
So excited to win something! :)
Congrats to all the lucky winners
Thank you! Congrats to all!

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