Wicked Wednesday Two-fer

This week's Wicked Wednesday is a two-fer.
The Creepy Cricut Cween, Donna is joining me
for this week's Macabre Monday challenge,
"Pleasure and Pain".
Use something you love and something you hate

We have really been pushing the whole "challenge" thing
lately, and this week was no exception!

Apparently, our dear Donna does not enjoy heat embossing (see tiny spider),
but just loves dry embossing (see web). She also confessed to not being
a big fan of the arachnids either, but I don't think that applies to Mr. Stripes.
I am loving every bit of this card!

Now I have been busy within my own self absorbed little world lately,
so when I finally sat down to work on this week's Pleasure and Pain challenge it had
me stumped!

Usually, when I create, I make stuff that I would want to buy.
Like I would be so happy to see metallic brain cabochons
at a craft show.

If I saw this strapping young lad for sale, I would drop the
cash immediately!

And these guys?! Who could resist?

So basically, I LOVE to create creepy, fun schtuff, and kinda
HATE to part with it.
But I have prepared myself mentally, to say goodbye to
all my little babies this weekend for the right price.  

There is still plenty of time left to play along with
Step outside of your box and try something new!!  


Andrea C said...

Donna's card rocks and your clay stuff rocks. An all round win / win situation x

Andrea C said...

Sorry I mean to say Glo's clay stuff and Donna's card. x

Netty said...

Fabby pieces of art. Annette x

I Don't Do Straight said...

Love the card Donna, the spider is sooo cute (spiders fascinate me) and the sentiment is great.

Glo, your models are FAB, especially the pumpkins, they make me laugh.

DonnaMundinger said...

Glo, I need some of those BWAINS! xxD

Jenn Borjeson said...

Good stuff - love the spider, he's too cute to be creepy. And that bloody gargoyle boy is just TOO cool, and the brains?!? Creepy. Love it.