Upcoming class at the LSS and a little Pleasure & Pain...

Yep... pimping myself out once again :)  I just can't help myself.  At least I won't be writing a lot for this post... I'll just load her up with pictures, cool?  I'm gonna use these as my Pleasure & Pain entry as well:
Pleasures:  Copic coloring, pop dots (I'm addicted), GlowSkullz, rubber stamps
Pains:  figuring costing, material spreadsheet & writing class instructions (ugh!!!!)
I know... I'm stretching it, but I can because I am the Masterful Mistress of the Macabre.  :P

Sorry I can't divulge the recipes for these... you've gotta attend the class to get them... sucka!  And the class is full AND it's next week.  BUT you can still take it if you bring your own Copics... just call The Scrapbook Page :)  I will say that the stamps are from Simply Betty Stamps {shhhhh}.


Tina said…
wow these cards are awesome...the color combo are so cool...love the images

CuddlyBunny said…
These are freakin' awesome! Especially the ball chain on your "dude" card ... that is just BRILLIANT!

Luckily for me I suppose, there's no upset at not reading your recipe here ... I don't own a single Copic and vow never to get sucked in (only because I can't afford One More Thing!). :)

Have fun with the class!
Creepy Glowbugg said…
Almost makes me wish I lived in Kansas. Almost. Beautiful cards!
Andrea C said…
These are frickin superb you make me so jealous x
DonnaMundinger said…
Yes, you ARE the Masterful Mistress! Ya know of any cheap fares to Kansas? These are freakin' FABULOUS! xxD
ike said…
AWESOME ... I wish I was going but it's a darn long way from Greece:-)
Hope it all goes well.
Awwww! I wanna go! You're so far away Barb. I love these cards, your coloring is phenomenal. Love the use of that chain on the middle card. Awesome!
Monika/Buzsy said…
Sassy cards Barb! Love them... those images are awesome and your coloring is superb! :o)
Jenn Borjeson said…
LOL I don't know what I love more - reading your posts or looking at your gorgeous cards. :)
These cards are amazing!!!

Would to attend the class, but (it's full) it's a bit too far to travel from the UK. :)

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