SBS Burton 'Weenies Preview Day 4... Raven

Day four of previews for a new line of Simply Betty Stamps images... The Burton 'Weenies.  You'll have a chance to win these great images as clear stamps... just hop over to The Burtonesque Dolls blog for all of the details!

Today's image is the probably the edgiest one of the bunch... Raven:
 Yeah, me thinks I wouldn't want to piss her off too much ;)  You can't see it very well, but I used the MS Drippy Goo punch again in the lower left... a lovely black ribbon rose & I got the Copic airbrush out again.  This time I used the brush tip instead of the chisel tip to get a bigger & bolder splatter effect.

Check out those piercings... uh, ouch?  I passed out when I got my tattoo years ago and am freakishly weird about needles, so I can't even imagine getting pierced like they do now.  See, I've told you before that I am a princess ;)

"If you can't say something nice...then at least have the decency to be vague."  LOVE it.  It's from a TAC sentiment set called Laugh Lines. There are quite a few little gems in there :)

Tomorrow is another preview, and then Friday is the final preview and release day, so be sure to check back... and don't forget to pop by TBD blog for all of the details, and to see the DT's work!

What do you think?


Chelsea said…
Awesome card .... Love the coloring!!
Tina said…
i love the card great colors combos and details to

Andrea C said…
I think I defo want these images. You certainly do make them have a certain something that makes me want them all. x
FitterTwit said…
OMGosh... this is great! She almost has a "joker" look to her... LOVE IT!!!
DonnaMundinger said…
WOW does she look p****d off lol I love her.

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