Wicked Wednesday HDH087 Freaker's Free for All!!!

This week's challenge is one of my favorites,
Freaker's Free for all!
What this means at HDH is whatever bizarre, unsavory, unnerving,
bit of strangeness you can muster, just might win you a title!
If you have a project that doesn't really fit any other challenge blog
criteria, we want you!!

That being said, I have a couple of (finally) finished
projects to share with you.

I have added more gourds to my garden.
I love the "Fairy Tale" punkins and always
make a mummy or Jack Skellington every year
out of their sickly white flesh.

More happy Jacks awaiting a new home.
New listings are going up today/tomorrow on Etsy

The sTeaMpUnKinS are all fired up and ready to
start chugging along towards Autumn.

And finally, my lovely cherubs.
I am so stoked with how these turned out! I know they are
a bit offensive when my husband (is that thumping I hear?)
is not a fan! Yeah! Mission accomplished!!

Aww! Isn't he just an angel?

So, I'm thinking lapel pins for the smaller ones and this
big guy gets a couple of magnets so he can oversee
the happenings in the kitchen.

Bring out yer dead, your decomposed, your unmentionables!
Just play along with us this week at Haunted Design House!!  



Star said...

These are fabulously creepy!! I especially love the punkins!

Valerie-Jael said...

OK, the cherubs are really freaked out, but the steampunkins are totally, morgue cool! Valerie

Gina said...

Those pumkins are awesome!! and the zombie cherubs are well creepy :D XXX

Anonymous said...

They certainly made me shiver with their eerie presence!

Netty said...

Loving the steampunkins, such a great idea. Annette

Tina said...

punkins are my favorite...awesome creepyness


Lynn Stevens said...

too cool, love the steampunk pumpkins!

Andrea C said...

those steampunkins are AWESOME dude tehe x seriously the most brilliant ornament EVER x

CuddlyBunny said...

I was smiling away, happily scrolling down ... just LOOK at those adorable pumpkins ... and the fantastic stumpkins ... and the WHAT THE FUH ... is that ... an, uh, a, cherub? A CHERUB?


AWESOME! Just brilliant!

Celeste said...

Love the punkins and the angels!

I Don't Do Straight said...

They're all Fab!

Especially the pumpkins :)

Fiona. x