Happy Birthday to The Agent of the Abominable... Andrea!

That's right folks, today we celebrate the birth of one of HDH's Macabre Minions, Andrea!  Happy birthday, girl!  Obviously you haven't received your card yet, since I haven't sent it, but maybe me posting it today will be of some comfort :)

Who DOESN'T want a cocktail on their birthday?  Come on... at least one, right?  I just LOVE this Tickled Pink image, Lilith... and I thought the look on her face summed up what many of us feel about birthdays :)

Not that Andrea feels that way, but you know what I'm sayin'.

I hope your day was fantastic, Andrea... thanks for all you do here at HDH, and have a cocktail on me!


Andrea C said…
Aww that is so sweet and thank you so much for my bat hair comb it is beautiful hehe. I didn't have any cocktails but I have had some champagne and some lucious red wine and we actually had babysitters for once but we thought na (how old are we now! gone are the lets go party days, can't complain I have had my fair share and a couple of others). Thanks again you are a total gruesome loverly x
Tina said…
i love this card the background paper is so cool...and the coloring is so aawesome...great card

Rosa Witten said…
Oh Barb this is such a cool card! Love the colors, stunning!
Carol W. said…
Love the coloring and the paper of this card, fabulous job
Star said…
What a fantastic card!! Happy birthday, Andrea!
DonnaMundinger said…
Fabulous! That's just how I've been feeling since my birthday and that's about how many cocktails it takes to forget how old I am! LOL Have another, Andrea! Oh heck, she doesn't need 'em, spring chickie that she is! xxD
Allison said…
Happy Birthday Andrea
Fab card

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