Wicked Wednesday - Zombie Apocalypse in pictures

So my Macabre Monday project did not go as planned.
I am working on another "something", but wanted to 
bring you some Kitty Zombie Lovin' to keep you 
satisfied until I complete, said project. 

This concludes my Wicked Wednesday offering.
Hopefully, I'll be back tomorrow with a real,
CreepyG original zombie creation.
I will try not to crumble under the pressure to create something
truly amazing. I'll try, but I kinda think that was my downfall
the first time around. 


Lol, zombie kittehs, gotta love them :D
Gina said…
hahaha! We like these :D XXX
Jenn Borjeson said…
LOL Too funny! :)
ike said…
awwww- poor zittehs - sob - theyz been zombified :-(
Betty Boo! said…
Bwahaahaa!!! That was too funny!
DonnaMundinger said…
ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! I think Goliath may be a Zombie kitty. Had RAT BRAINS this morning. EEEWWW!!!
Now I have to ask - Goliath had rat brains for breakfast because he killed and ate a rodent or because YOU BOUGHT something that mentioned rat brains as food?

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