Not HDH related, but...

... if you like more mainstream and cutesy rubber stamps, there are some FANTASTIC specials going on from The Angel Company (I'm a demo, in case y'all didn't know).  

The Discontinued List is out... with some  AMAZING savings on our Final Farewells:
order now through May 1st:  45% off
May 2nd thru May 15th:  40% off
May 16th thru May 30th:  35% off
May 31st thru June 24th:  30% off

To see the list and order online, just visit my e-commerce store HERE
April promotions, click HERE
Eyelets to Go promotion, click HERE
Spring Fling promotion, click HERE (photos of products can be seen on TAC's website HERE)
Blast From the Past promotion, click HERE
April Stamp of the Month, click HERE

I'm sending in an order on Friday, so anyone that is local, I'd be happy to add  your order!  And any out-of-towners are more than welcome to order directly off of my online store.  Sorry... TAC doesn't ship outside the US & PR, but I can order it and ship it myself if there are any takers across the pond :)
Sorry for the pictureless post today, but I just wanted to get the word out about the great deals going on!!

Thanks for letting me pimp myself out a bit today :)


Graphicat said...

Hey Barb...none of the links work for me... I dont know why... is it cause Im Canadian??

Unknown said...

Hello Barb. None of the links are working. When I click them I get a big yellow and white page with a bunch of gibberish. The top of the pages say server error.

ike said...

Hi Barb,
I get the silly yellow page of gobbledy gook on all the pages too :-(
Is it 'coz we's foreign ????

Barb said...

Sorry guys... I don't know what the deal is. Maybe if instead of clicking the link in the post, you enter the store website into your browser: http://barb.ismyangel.net . Then click the products tab and scroll to the bottom. Hope that helps!