Wicked Wednesday!!!!

Welcome! Creepy G here for my very first installment of
 "Wicked Wednesday"!
The "Old Masterful One" has allowed me to post
my Macabre Monday DT offerings on Wednesdays, to spice
things up a bit and give you yet another reason to visit
our little slice of hell here on a hump day!
This week's challenge is "My Beloved Monster".
My first card was a bit on the sweet side
(you can check it out here if you dare!),
so I made another card, more fitting for the challenge
and more "Haunted Design House-friendly".
It's no secret that my most beloved of the monsters
is the ZOMBIE!
I loves me some undead!

I went for my new "mottled zombie" coloring technique
and am quite pleased with how the Frankenstein-like image
turned out. I found it on Google images, but I'm not sure of 
it's talented artist.
I mounted "her" (see fleshy mound above her left arm)
on black card stock and then onto some red mulberry paper.
I used a photo of an iron fence for the background paper
and that's all she wrote!

Please join us this week for our Macabre Monday challenge.
We have lots of great sponsors lined up in the coming weeks,
including a challenge sponsored by yours truly.  
Stay tuned, and you can't win if you don't play!



Andrea C said…
Freakishly gorgeous work Glo, if I was five I might say "Glo and a Zombie up a tree instead of a kiss lots of mottled flesh we see (I am so immature I actually sang that out loud now I'm getting looks) x
Lol, now I'm singing Andrea's song as well! :P Fab flesh-colouring, you can practically see it rotting away :D
~Lady B~ said…
LOOOOOOOOVE it! You rocked this, my necrophilic friend! Too frickin' cool!
ike said…
Fiendish... I can almost smell him from here. Fab colouring xx
DonnaMundinger said…
Amazing, girly! I left my more eloquent comment on your blog! xxD

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