Weak Ticket Wednesday

Welcome to Weak Ticket Wednesday!
I am your hostess with the mostess
Creepy Glowbugg.

This week's Macabre Monday challenge is
Hacked to Bits.
Now I thought long and hard about this for a while,
and kinda just figured it would come to me as I needed
it to, but it didn't. 
I DO like my card, and technically it DOES fit the challenge...

Well, Hello Freddy!!!

I guess I could say that the hacking and the shredding is
implied, given it is Freddy we're talking about here.
How bleepin' cute is this though?
Looks like another possible tattoo design to me.

Join us for this week's "Hacked to Bits" challenge.
You have until Sunday night at 10:00 PM CST. 


Carol W. said…
OMG I love it! Great job! TFS
This is so damn cool! :D
Alison said…
Awesome!!!!!!! Love it!
hahaha... that is awesome!
CuddlyBunny said…
Uhoh ... it's Hello Krueger Kitty!

She's adora ... I mean ... scary. Ouuuu, scary! :)
DonnaMundinger said…
LOVE IT!!!!!!! too stinkin' cute! A tat for sure! xxD
ike said…
OMG - how cool is THAT. LMAO
This is just sooooo brilliant.
Did you draw it yourself ????
Andrea C said…
hehe how can it be too cute with blood on the blades! This rocks x

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