Thrashed Out Thursday

Well it looks like Wicked Wednesday has now
turned into Thrashed out Thursday.
I am whoooped!!! Too much fun playing with clay this
week, and I am pretty happy with most of the results.

Here is my offering for Macabre Monday's
"Alas, poor Yorick" challenge of using skulls.

This is really only one skull, but I had to get the idea out of my head
and into a three dimensional project.

So, I took one of those cheapy paper mache masks
from Mike's and painted it white and then painted
glow in the dark paint over that. Then for the moment of 
no return, I had to cut the hole in the skull.
Since it's paper it cut like buttah, with a little sawing motion.

I added some pearled paints in silver and blue
to add some shadow to the face. I then painted the cracks 
for a little more interest. I'm thinking I may go back
and add some detail to the teeth so they show up a bit. 

I made three evil fingers and one blinded eyeball out
of polymer clay that glows in the dark.
After adding the paint for the shading and detail to the fingers,
 it covered too much of the gid clay, but the finger nails and that eyeball 
are quite luminescent.
Another of my loves in life is glow in the dark

Well, I hope you like my version of "Poor Yorick".
There are a few more days to enter this challenge
which has literally no competition this week.
I'm thinking it's all you Allison! 


WPW! This is creeptastic!
Andrea C said…
This is freakin amazing work, you are so freakily talented with a great sense of quirkiness x
Alison said…
This is amazing! Love it, love it, love it! Those fingers and eyes are sick and amazing! And I really love how the hole in the skull turned out. I'll be entering this challenge tomorrow!
ike said…
EXCELLENT .... well worth the wait. Completely sick - I love it xxxxx
Lori said…
LOVE this! Don;t get to play along too often right now, but this is always one of my favorite blogs. Hoping to send more people your way, so I'm giving you a Stylish Blogger award. Details are on my blog at
DonnaMundinger said…
OMG!!!! Glo!!!! TOTALLY worth the WAIT!!!! This is so freakin spooktacular I'm literally SPEECHLESS! (well, not quite! LOL)LOVE IT!!!!!! xxD
Wow - I adore this

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