Just for the fun of it...

This card has been done for a while and I just never posted it:

Daniel Torrente's "Kitty" & "Eric" from Stampotique.  This card has no foof... not much of anything really.  A little Scor-Bug action and some Copics... that's it.

Doesn't Eric's shirt remind you of Captain Kirk's from Star Trek? :)  And I can't believe I colored his skin so close to the background color... it looks like I used lavender cardstock on him, right?

Here kitty kitty kitty... he looks a little worse-for-wear doesn't he? 

Just a bit of Sunday fun.  Hope your weekend was a good one!


ike said…
Love the image of the "lad" with the sort of dangly scuzzy socks, and the cat looks well knackered....probably after several nights on the tiles LoL.
Excellent card... it makes me grin
Creepy Glowbugg said…
Ahhh, I love it when you get to create just for shits n' grins. Eric and his comb-over, scuzzy cat, score-pal (need one), perfect.
Andrea C said…
Your colouring on this is phenomenal and it needs no foof it has it's own incredible little no foof needed going on. x
DonnaMundinger said…
Fabulouloso, oh Masterful One! LOVE the images, coloring, and that Scor-Bug action. I always rip my paper when I use the darn thing. Whats your secret? xxD

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