Winners and Gruesome Twosomes from Flesh Eating Frenzy and Love Bites!

If you are one of the winners, be sure to grab the Gruesome Twosome badge and link back here... display it with pride, my pretties :)

HDH075 - Flesh-eating Frenzy Gruesome Twosome: 
Crystal for her zombie Valentine card, complete with crystal effect brains, and Ike for her glorious creation with Helena Bonham Carter; And the prize winner is Katt for her elegant undead kiss card using a photo of her and hubby. See? We're actually quite romantic, in our own twisted sort of way :P:)

HDH076 - Love Bites Gruesome Twosome: 
Kapree for her inspired transformation of a sweet image into My Bloody Valentine, and Crystal for her heart-wrenchingly emotive Broken Heart. And the prize winner is Lady B for her GENIUS piece incorporating her own poem about the loves of her life. :)

Katt and Lady B, please get in touch with Barb, so she can sort out your prizes; Barb's email address is in the sidebar. Thanks to ALL of you who play along with us and inspire us with your gruesomely gorgeous darkside creations :D


Creepy Glowbugg said…
Congrats ladies for all your amazingly dark and comical and beautiful entries!
DonnaMundinger said…
Well done you twisted bunch of psychos! LOVE you! xxD
Andrea C said…
Well done guys you make me feel sane mwahahaha x
WOW! I got first prize? Shut the front door! Really, I'm super excited, and very honored. I'm always so humbled by the amazing work I see here, and it's wonderful just to be thought of and included. Thanks ladies!!
ike said…
EXCELLENT ... one of the Gruesome Twosome...yippee I'm thrilled.
Pity there's no Badge :-( LoL
I simply LOVE this site and am totally hooked now.
So gory... so refreshing :-)
YAY! Congratulations to the winners, FABULOUS entries!!!
ike said…
Found my now now...DOH !! Give me a smack - I must've been having a thicko day. xxxxx

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