Fiendeshly Fun Friday

Well did you ever think wow my USB memory stick just doesn't do it for me??  Well did ya? This one is available on etsy for $30. 

USB Flash Drive Finger Laptop Cool and Creepy USB Flash Drive Finger

Now I don't know about you but it looks freakily real to me.. Yuck, but then again I bet it would be hard to lose.


Scrap Vamp said…
Lol! That is eerily creepy! Looks like the laptop is giving you the finger!
LOL! And you could tell your kids that's what you did to the last person you saw picking their nose! :D
Gina said…
Boy do I know someone who will want one of these hahaha!
Andrea C said…
Hey Susan that is an idea my middle one is always having a good dig around there.. YUCK! little princess yeah hehe x
Nikki said…
OMG to funny did you know your computer is givin you the finger lol that's all I can think of when I see this :P
hugs Nikki
Miranda said…
creepy, some people lose their fingers others their head, (but that would be a bit big as a USB stick...)


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