New Simply Betty Release - Halloweenie Emos Preview Day 1

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Yes, it is that time again!  Time for a couple of days of teasers before SBS releases their Halloween Emos :)  Wednesday the 15th will be here before you know it, and you'll be able to purchase some of these babies for yourself.  Until then, how's about a taste?

The names alone make me smile.

 I'll confess right now.  This is my FAVORITE Emo release yet from SBS... for obvious reasons :)  Creepy cuteness on overload.  Seriously.  I even gave Franken Millerstein a nose-ring... accessorizes nicely with his neck bolts, right?

And PumpkinHead London... LOL... LOVE HER!  Those glowing eyes and that sinister grin... me likey a lot :)

Be sure to check the SBS blog & other DT's blogs for additional peeks!!  On Wednesday, there will be a HUGE blog hop... I can't wait for you to see the rest of the Halloween Emos this week!


Absolutely adorable!!

Alison said…
Ooh..........These new image are fa-BOO!!!!!!!! And of course, Barb, you rocked 'em!!!
Andrea C said…
fantastic card, I did a pumpkin head girl as well, not as good as this though, fabby x
Rosa Witten said…
So Cool, Lovin' it! I am totally getting into your dotties. :)
Kimmarie Baker said…
Holy Cow - You made one awesome Halloween card! You colored the emos great and the background as well!
Oh my! These are FABULOUS!!!!
~Lady B~ said…
This is too awesomely cute! Love!
Cheryl Valadez said…
I knew you'd like these Barb. OK, Pumpkin London is my fav too! I have her all coloured up. OK, I have them all coloured! You did amazing
Unknown said…
These are fabulous, can't wait until tomorrow. I love the dotted background technique, gonna have to try that.
Nikki said…
These are just creepy cute HOWL much fun are these guys :)
Way cute. I love the colors :D
Nancy said…
damn soooooo rocked these new images... WTG!!!!!


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