Fiendish Furniture

If I was rich and I had a Victorian "Painted Lady" mansion,
this is how I would furnish it.

These couches do not look very comfortable, but that's the price
you have to pay to be stylish and unique. 

There is a movie called, "Devil Chair", about
an evil chair from hell that curses all who obtain it.
Save your time, it's not worth the rental.

And lastly, the Piece De Resistance....

Ewe know ewe want one!!!
Again, not much in the comfort department,
but uber creepy and yet alluring at the same time.


Andrea C said…
haha now I want you to come into some money just so I can see your zany yet alluring house mwahaha x
Just LOOK at that purple velvet coffin couch! *drools* Think Barb will deck out the Minions' Dungeon in this stuff? :P
These are fantastic. Hahaha I wonder if hubby would let me get something like that purple one. Don't think so somehow :(
Anonymous said…
The purple coffin couch seems almost perfect - but do I have strange eyes or are the wooden parts brown?
The devil chair is a perfect beauty and the sheep look so warm - perfect chair for long cold winters.
Kimmarie Baker said…
I love those couches and my dh would definitely want them too! The other stuff - ewe! hehe tfs
Celeste said…
Too creepy! My great grandmother had a wooden rocking chair and the back was carved with creepy looking lions. I remember being little and hating that chair.
Jill Oriente said…
Throw some pillows on that purple couch and it could be comfy :)

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