Fiendishly Fun Friday - Hello Zombie!

We hadn't discussed this, but I also have some Hello Kitty alterations to share with you today. LOL Barb, if you're hypnotising us all to do your bidding, it seems to be working :P

This Zombie Kitty toy was made by DovSherman, you can read the original post HERE

This is a tattoo designed by BlueUndine, also available at DeviantArt HERE

And these little beauties are made by Undead Ed, who sells these and other creations at his Etsy shop HERE

And this is the beyond-fabulous Hello Kitty Zombie cake made by Debbie Gourd from Debbie Does Cakes


Andrea C said…
OMG I better make sure my little one doesn't see these she love hello kitty hehe I think even me the horror movie fan feels a little bit icky hehe fab work a job well done x
Those are awesome. And I so love that cake!!

Creepy Glowbugg said…
That stuff on Etsy is amazing and I love it! That tattoo art is going on me very soon, permanently! No joke! That is it! I was thinking a geisha kitty, but I loves me a zombie. Great stuff!!!
Love the cake. The other images have an eerie realness about them
StampitCrazy said…
You are way to freakin Freakie for me..LOL Hey theres a C Can in that last picture...thats messed up... What Bids?
Celeste said…
Love the cake the most. It's amazing what can be done with Kitty.
Sam Hain said…
I don't feel ashamed at all when I say that I want to get me some Hello Kitty toys now.
Nancy said…
lol...these are simply put a great big smile on my face....thanks!!!


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