Whoops! My bad...

... I TOTALLY freakin' forgot to share some of my favorite carved pumpkins!

I'll admit it, these are those fake hobby store pumpkins & the patterns are from those carving booklets that are aplenty around October.   

BUT I DID carve them myself... does that count?  I just couldn't bear having to take the many hours of carving a real pumpkin so intricately only to watch him rot away (although I REALLY do like how they look rotten!!).

The top one is a haunted house (hard to tell in this pic), spider next, and the bottom one was made with stencil shapes from Martha Stewart.

This one is really big and has three faces all "welded" together:  a screaming ghoul, a skelly/reeper, & Dracula on the right.  I had one of those blinking lights in the damn thing, so this was the best picture I could get... the three faces wrap over half-way around the pumpkin.

I just LOVE pumpkins... really I do.


Creepy Glowbugg said…
I love doing those patterns, but I have yet to do it on a plastic punkin. I bought some last year on clearance, but I worry about messing them up!
LOVE the 3 faces! Very cool.
Can I touch ya?
Celeste said…
Hey, after carving out real ones for years, and having them rot, I can see that going for the fake ones is a great deal. Pumpkins are cheap here until Halloween time and then farmers make a 400% profit on the damn things. Hmmm, maybe I should quit planting tomatoes and stuff and just go with pumpkins... Love the one with 3 faces. I have done some intense ones but yours looks really cool. I'll have to give that a try. Thanks for sharing.
Gina said…
Oh My Goodness!!! They're amazing!! Don't think we get these plastic pumpkins in england, please correct me if I'm wrong cos I want some mwahahaha... XXX
Kris Dickinson said…
These pumpkins are fantastic!
Anonymous said…
DonnaMundinger said…
Holy CRAP, Barb! Works of ART! xxD

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