Random poll question:

Since I have been sucking (in a bad way) at posting, and keeping up on schtuff... should I enlist the help of you good (or evil) readers?  I guess it would be KINDA like a design team, but since I don't own some awesome stamp store, compensation would be a whole separate poll question :)

(HDH design team picture stolen from Google images)

See, when I first started this little ol' blog, I thought I would be surfing the net, finding all kinds of random creepy and weird stuff to post... photos, links, whatever.  How much of THAT has gone on here?
Exactly... notsomuch.  Busy busy... which is good in some ways & NOT in others :)

Sooooooooo, what should we do?  I am definitely keeping Macabre Mondays going, but right now I don't know very far in advance as to what the challenge will be.
{to be read as:  drum up something the night before or night of posting :) }
procrastinate much?

I need to bite the bullet and figure stuff out a minimum of a month ahead
(haaaa haa haaaa.... oh, sorry)
IF I do that, maybe we could do a little team thing?  I don't know... what do you think?
I'm just randomly typing crap here, guys :)  

What would suck (in a bad way) is that if we get a team going and then no participation in challenges happen except team people... know what I'm sayin'?  So, please please let me know your thoughts...
I really DO appreciate all of you!
you are the skull to my crossbones
the wand to my spells
the nail in my coffin... er, ummm... 
... maybe that last one was a bit much?


Hi Barb, I'm also randomly typing/thinking out loud here, but mine won't be as entertaining as yours :P
First things first, do whatever makes you happy (in a delightfully sinister and macabre way, none of that straightforward cheerful crap here :P)
Also, if you have a DT, the entry numbers may drop slightly at first, but you'll also have extra posts going out in blogland, telling more people about the challenge and hopefully that will lead to the entry numbers growing. Maybe just have two or three DT members?
Um, what else? Ah, procrastination, well, even with a DT, you won't need to be so organised as to have things done a whole month in advance, but they would need at least a little bit of time to get their stuff ready. Unless you keep them locked in your dungeon. Which may also provide you with inspiration for upcoming challenges, you can base the challenges on whatever horrors you see down there each week.
And, lots of DTs don't get compensation, we do it for the kudos, because we're all insatiable glory-hounds. And NOT being tied to a particular sponsor means that the DT are free to use whatever products they like, which can be a major bonus. There's nothing worse than being told you have to use an image of a manga child with a rubber duck balloon and you have to make a vintage sympathy card with it.
Ok, I have kitty eyes begging me to feed them, so that's it for my words of wisdom :P
Maz said…
I pretty much agree with Susan...Most blog challenges have a DT for inspiration - a couple of people will do, and it'll help spread the word about the challenge itself.
And I really don't think you need to worry about compensation as most people are just happy to be recognised as being good enough to be on a DT! x
Teri said…
Ditto the above comments hun.
You don't want too many DT folks, I have seen some challenges with ten or more, and the post goes on forever!! LOL
Some of us who are in DT's are usually rather late with their contributions too, so don't feel bad about that either. Not all of us are terribly organised!!
And thank goodness you aren't tied to any particular brand, beit stamps or digi's. People are free to do as they wish. I agree about the rubber duck thing! LOL There are some seriously sh** images out there. I am so fed up looking at cutsie stuff (although I have and still do create my own) so much so that I have started doing darker stuff now.
Talking of which, if you ever need someone to sponsor, then do check out my store: HERE
With al that said, it's totally up to you hun! I'm sure your loyal followers will support you whatever you decide.
Good luck hun! And let me know if you need me to sponsor anytime!
Teri xx
Maybe pick 2 people from the previous months challenges and have them do 2 challenges for the month after? Less pressure on you and it would let all your regulars have a go at being Macabre!!!
Andrea C said…
yeah I think this is one of the blog challenges that can blow away the cobwebs that have within its midst, repetetiveness, cutesy etc etc my baby is hitting me with toast right now she hates my laptop but u get the picture your challenges are original and great, so the dt people would probably just be honoured x
Anonymous said…
Macabre Monday definitely should STAY! There really has to be some dark stuff to compensate for all the sweetness in crafting blogland. I'm afraid I haven't been able to participate often, but I really will try harder. I actually would love to be in a "dark" design team, but I'm not quite sure about my time management abilities either.
As a participant I really am struggling with the "weekly" pace. I have a fulltime job and before I know it, it's Sunday evening again and I haven't been able to create anything for Macabre Monday.
I don't know if making the challenge fortnightly is an option? Or announcing next week's challenge in your sidebar? Anyway, as was said before, we will support you, whatever you decide!
Creepy Glowbugg said…
I thought one of the orignal ideas was to have the Gruesome Twosome or the Master of the Macabre be a guest designer for the week or something like that. Sounds good to me! Let me know if I can be of help and if you need some giveaway schwag.
Scrap Vamp said…
I think a small DT would be a good idea. You'll give some inspiration to your followers and examples of the topic you've chosen. Go for it, what do you have to lose!
Alison said…
I agree with a lot of what I saw here. Keep it tiny...2 or 3 creeptastic paople. I am quite sure that whoever you choose will have some amazing ideas for what your challenges can be! If you all chose just one challenge a month, think of how far ahead of the game you could be! I wish I had more input right now...but it is far too early for me still... loved your little poem at the end! I may need to borrow that one!!! Good luck!
DonnaMundinger said…
LOVE your challenges and whatever you decide is fine with me. It is a big responsibility to keep something like this up so you certainly deserve a little help. I certainly don't care about compensation, but I also enjoy not feeling STRESSED if I just can't make the cahllenge (like this week because of the 4th although I sure would have liked to try this whole masking thing.) Don't know about the others, but the timing is an issue for me because of other DT obligations. I'm SUCH a procrastinator! The Twosome or Master as guests sounds like a great idea to me. xxD
Days End Studio said…
Just awake here so I'm sure mine'll be rambl-y too. :O)
I love the previous ideas of having the Gruseome and Master do some DT work. Maybe the Master could be the Monthly DT(help with challange ideas) and the 2-some could be like Guest DT's for the next week?
The other thing a lot of challenge blogs do is a 2 weeks challenge... more time for the word to get out and less work for you.
I hope that helps... I hope to be back at my sh-tuff this week too. :O)
Right now... I need coffee... or blood. The kids better stay out of my way before I get to the kitchen.
Days End Studio said…
just another though too...
Some challenge blogs also have the next weeks 'theme' or a teaser posted on the side... give people more time to work on it/get the word out... That might get ya a week ahead on ideas at least.
ok... shutting-up.;O)
coffee.... nooooooooooooow.
Julia Winkler said…
Many good ideas here. From my experience with life in general, I think the best advice given (several times)is keep it small, otherwise it turns into this giant octopus thing that becomes uncontrollable and eventually collapses from its own weight. I sure hope you keep this going, though, because as stated previously, we definitely need darkness as a balance. I'm still pretty new at this whole blog thing, but if I can be of any help, please let me know.
Here are my random thoughts. What do YOU want to do? Do you want the pressure of that formality? Do you just want to have a 'give me challenge ideas' post for a week to get some ideas going? What is good for you? As a reader/participant, what you have going now works just great for me! Unfortunately, I haven't gotten to play the last 2 weeks and won't get to again until August, but I WILL be back, regardless :)
StampitCrazy said…
OMG...Barb, Why are you even thinking that way.... You can do this... You have a fab blog, and your my first blog I look at. Just becuause I am going back driving Over the road, doesn't mean I can't send Digi's your way. I just won't be sending rubber, unless they can way one weekend a month till I get home.
See your thinking like me? I have rubber to give out... but they still don't enter my challenges!! HA! You can always skip a week..ya know.... Your HUMAN! But we love you.
Gina said…
Barb, if it's just ideas your worrying about, you don't need a Dt. Just ask people to leave a list of subjects they'd like to see as challenges in the comments section, pick what you like from the list and give a little credit for the suggestion to the person/s who suggested it. This way you could have a pre written list for the whole year if you wanted. :D
I'd like to suggest "Scary Faces" to start off your list XXX
Ginger said…
I agree with all comments, but most challenges offer some sort of prize or candy givaways. You could see if you could get sponsers from the stamp companies. Also, sometimes it's hard to visualize what an image will look like until you actually work with it and color it. That's what gets me inspired to purchase a certain. That's what's drawn me to continue reading your blog is the awesome samples you do, things I'd never think of doing. I would participate in challenges if I knew far enough in advance as you mentioned. You could always list your challenges on others blogs.
blackdragon said…
Barb.... what ever you decide i'll still be here!
I am a mistress .... you are my master.... what can i do to help?
I agree with nearly everything that has been said,,,, If needed small dt.... guest spots.... sponsors, 2 have offered in the posts above i'll offer another ( tellens dark digis actually but hey terry wont mind!)....
This is the best challenge blog ... with the nicest followers .... do a dt call and you'll be swamped!
Change of subject but i have finally posted my 'masked' offering.... soooo sorry not good for a mistress is it!
love always lynx
Anonymous said…
I love this challenge because of its huge variety of styles although there are normally not more than 20 participants. I would prefer the idea of "using" the Master and the Gruesome as DT. So, the DT would represent the variety of Macabre Monday.
I have seen so many challenge blogs that have a huge DT but most of the members have the same style in card making. That's when I ask myself why they have so many DT-Members. Me little hobbycrafter then also thinks that they like only the style represented by the DT and so I don't participate - perhaps I make a card but I don't enter it. But I can imagine that a DT that changes every now and then or perhaps every week could be as stressful as the actual situation.
So whatever you do, as long as you don't abandon the dark arts and tell us that only cute pink little girls are allowed in your challenge, I am fine with it *smirk*

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