HDH Eerie Inspiration Team...

Ok, so the general consensus on the whole design team thing is this:

1.  Macabre Mondays must stay... which we knew already :)
I had no intention of NOT having MM... but thanks for confirming that!
2.  keep it small... no need to have too many cooks in the kitchen
3.  use and abuse (in a good way) the Gruesome Twosomes & Masters of the Macabre
4.  have a list on the sidebar of upcoming challenges to give more time
5.  keep it casual... no dungeon time necessary if a deadline is missed :)

Sooooooooo.  All that being said, I'm going to start listing upcoming challenges in my sidebar.  Not today, but soon :)  And we all know that I am not a formal kinda gal, so no issues there.  In this case, I agree... small is good... I mean a small group :)

I do like the idea of past GT's & MM's making up the team.  Crazy part is that we've got 43 weeks of GT's & 9 or 10 MM's!  So that is where we'll start.  I went through to see how many people received more than three GT badges to date.  My top five GT's are:
Lynx (big surprise!), Oz (love you, babe!), Creepy Glowbugg (my TB soulmate), Donna (Cricut Wonderwoman), and Susan (digital rock star)

So, if any of you Fab Five are up to it, I'd love to enlist your help.  Oz, baby, I know you won't be up to it, but you are still on my list, girl!  We miss you and are here when you are up and causing trouble :)
My next group of top GT's are:  Teri, Alex, Nans, & Kristen... if you all would like to be on standby for the next round (whenever THAT is) I'd love it :)

Well, my Eerie Inspiration Team, what is the next step?  Should I start a yahoo group so that the whole team can communicate at once?  This way we can come up with some fun ideas to keep it all fresh... in a totally decrepit kinda way? :)  Please email me at:  barbi007@kc.rr.com and let me know if you are "in" or "out"!  Thanks to everyone... we'll work on making it even more fun here!


Creepy Glowbugg said…
I can't pass up a ride like this!
So scary it has to be fun!
Andrea C said…
fantastic news that the site will remain and now has a great design team xx
DonnaMundinger said…
WooHoo! Thanks so much for the opportunity. You know I'm IN! xxD
blackdragon said…
Am i in? you just try keeping me out!
My bethrothed (Oz... i love ya too) and i are here to stay... i shall email her... expect you have anyway.... and i'll pass all the info on.... it should make her smirk...ooops i mean smile!
I'll be in touch via email this evening. Keep safe and thank you for asking me... i am honoured...honest i am xxxx
Anonymous said…
This could be dangerous! All of that gruesome, macabre creepiness coming at us at once! LOL! Congrats to all and I hope to find more time to play along.
WOOT WOOT!! Can't wait to see what you all have up your sleeve and DUH, anytime you want me, say the word and I am yours! LOL!

Looking forward to much creepiness in the furture!
Wow! I would love to be part of this!!!
Hugs nans

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