Macabre Monday #036 - Macabre Monday Music Mayhem

HDH Macabre Monday Rules:
1. Create a dark and macabre SOMETHING (card, scrap page, altered item, whatever) that follows the specific Macabre Monday challenge given. Cutesy is fine, but creepy is better :)
2. You have until the following Sunday night @ 5pm central time to post your creation and please leave a direct-link back here.
3. If you upload to any online galleries (TACPCC, S&S, PCP, SCS, etc.), please tag the title using HDH036.
4. Weekly giveaways!  Some weeks will be loaded with loot, others not-so-much... but the thrill is in the win, right?!  Some prizes shall be by random drawing, others hand picked... and I'm not telling you ahead of time :)
5. I'll be selecting a weekly Gruesome Twosome (my top two favorite creations) from all the players. At the end of every month these will be compiled and a Master of Macabre will be selected. He/she will be asked to be a guest blogger for the following month, if they so wish, and receive a little giftie from me... this could be stamp sets, handmade items, papers, halloweenie embellishments... you just never know.

Ok, my little pretties... your challenge this week:
Macabre Monday Music Mayhem

 You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween page, project or card using images/sentiments inspired by a particular song!!  That's right.  It doesn't have to be your favorite song, just a song that inspires something a little dark, a little twisted, a little "um, yeah... ok... who in the Hell are you going to send THAT card to?" kind of work :)

{trumpets sounding} Doot doo doo dooooooo... here's mine:

Stamps:  Angel (Stampotique), Victorian Elements (TAC), Funny Farm Phrases (TAC)
Paper:  white ultrasmooth, black, scarlet, & Penelope cardstocks (TAC)
Ink:  Noir, Orangerie & Burnt Sienna Palettes, Memento Tuxedo, Moonlight Brilliance
Other:  sheer ribbon (HL), goo punch (MS)
Copics:  0, YR04, YR18, R02, R24, R29, E00, E02, E11, V99

Can you guess what song I used?  Come on...
Ok, here's a hint:  it's by The Cult.

Yep!  From 1989:  Fire Woman

"Fire woman, yeah

Shake, shake, shake, shake it, yeah

Wound up, can't sleep, can't do anything right, little honey

Oh, since I set my eyes on you
I tell you the truth
T-t-t-t-twistin' like a flame in a slow dance, baby
You're driving me crazy
Come on, little honey
Come on now


Smoke, she is a rising fire, yeah
Smoke on the horizon, well
Smoke, she is a rising fire
Oh, smokestack lightning
Smokestack lightning

Well, shake it up, you're to blame, got me swayin' little honey

My heart's a ball of burnin' flame
Oh, yes it is
Trancing like a cat on a hot tin shack
Lord, have mercy
Come on little sister
Come on and shake it


Smoke, she is a rising fire
Oh, smoke on the horizon, yeah
Smoke, she is a rising fire
Oh, smokestack lightning, baby

I was thinking what I've been missing

I'll tell you truthfully, well
She's coming close now
Oh, I can feel her
She's getting close to me
And I never, yeah


Smoke, she is a rising fire
Oh, smoke on the horizon
Smoke, she is a rising, rising, rising fire
Smokestack lightning

Burnin' out

And shake it baby
Gotta have money

Stand down in front of me

Say, san stam bye to me
Say, san stam bye to me, yeah

Fire woman, you're to blame..."

 Yeah, it's kinda old... I mean that was the year I graduated high school, dude.  :)
So what tune has been playing in YOUR head lately?


Gabby said...

Oh I like!

Now to see what tune inspires me...lol!

Nicole Wright Designs said...

I am so happy I found your fun Blog! I am all over this challenge which will be my first here! Yay, everyday should be Halloween!

Renée said...

Oh I love the flames on her. What great inspiration.
What a great challenge, can't wait for everyone's entree. I'd admire first and then go to youtube.com to hear the songs. This is gonna be so much fun.

Alexandra Lundgren said...

I literally gasped when I saw your creation this week. WOW! This is stunning Barb. Just stunning! I know that isn't what you expect to hear with Macabre Monday, but this creation is BOTH!

Terry Oulboub said...

Awesome image; love this stamp and the background - really cool; Morticia Adams, eat your heart out! :)

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Are we talkin' 1988 or 89? I saw them with Raging Slab back in 89.
Love the old school tunes!
Ian didn't age very well, but he sure was hot back in the day.

Linda aka Oz said...

amazing... and the damask background is stellar!! leaves me breathless! oh that is a bad joke...hehe

as the other Barb would say, "she is a goody!" Oz

Daniella said...

It is 6:40 am on the east coast. This post is from today, yes? HOW EARLY DO YOU GUYS GET UP?????

Barb. That card KICKS ASS. Period. I LOVE that stamp!! I'm surprised it's from TAC (unless I read the supplies wrong, did I mention its

AHH, The cult. I loved them and saw them in concert!! I graduated in 88, I'm older than EVERYONE!! LOL!!

Aisling said...

Oh The Cult! It's been only a few days since I last listened to that record (yes, that's right, I still listen to records). I hope I will be able to participate in this week's challenge. Plenty of songs that inspire me, that's for sure!
Wonderful Stampotique creation!

Chris said...

you just crack me up. another great challenge and I do think "who the hell am I am going to send this to" - and then amazingly I think of someone. I gotta get some different friends.
I have a fav song in mind but
can't think of a stamp I have to illustrate it. Gonna look thru the mess.

Alison said...

Boo-Tiful! Great challenge! Fang-tastic card, as always!!!

Linda aka Oz said...

I graduated in 72 and we had a band called the Blue Oyster Cult.. I listened to 45's in the back of the covered wagons as we lumbered across the vast prairies....creakingly yours, Oz

Susan Says (Stupid Stuff) said...

Fab card and a great challenge, will have to have a browse through my music and see what creey cruel inspiration I can come up with :D

Cheryl Valadez said...

Barb, this card rocks! Literally...lol!

No, really, this card is super cool and you've brought that Stampotique image to life with your fab coloring. This challenge has my teeny brain percolating. I think I'm going to try to play this go 'round ;D

Kristen H said...

Mine is a little on the lame side as far as not being very macabre. I may come back with something a little more garish if I have time!

Anonymous said...

What a cool challenge!! I can't wait to see the entries.
1988? At this time I hadn't been at school, yet. But I used youtube to close this gap, watching the video was so much fun.
Your card is fabulous. I love the saying. And she is great.
Since I started participating in your challenges I have a stack of cards that I cannot mail to someone I know.
And I hope so much that I'll find enough time to participate.

Katt Korpsgryndr said...

I met Ian Astbury from The Cult once, after he went on to his side project. It wasn't the same sexy man that crooned fire woman while writhing around on the stage, but it was nice anyway. My, how time affects us. Awesome card!!

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhhh.... so dark and creepy! Love it! I seriously need to get more stampotique stamps! I've got quite a few songs streaming through my head right now. Let's see..........

Anonymous said...

This was such a fun challenge, i've only just discovered you blog, but i'll definately be back:)

Anonymous said...

I could do this challenge over and over again... I had such a hard time picking ONE song! Oh look... Suzi, my dt sistah played along too! Woo hoo!

Tink said...

I LOVE your angel!!

DonnaMundinger said...

Too much FUN! Glad I made it in under the wire! xxD

Linda aka Oz said...

Had I not had another sucky week, my masterpiece would have been from the Katy Perry song. I had this vision of this frog with a wicked little snicker on his lips singing... I kissed a girl and I liked it!...

I love the cards this week, amazing work everyone and good luck on the challenge. You guys ROCK!! Oz

Croms' Cubby Hole said...

Woo hoo - made the deadline. Thanks for such a marvellous blog.

Days End Studio said...

Late but figured I'd still share:

Ms. Jen said...

Oh my! I just found your blog through Donna who is this weeks guest designer on Everything Cricut. I Love Love Love this blog! Can't wait to play along. I've tagged ya so I can follow. What amazing art you have with this group. By the way I have tons of friends I could send these too! LOL I graduated in 1990!