I couldn't take it....

... all of that rubber... sitting there... staring at me... mocking me... I cracked.

Ta da!  It was so worth it... ya' know... not getting some of the non-fun stuff done that I really need to get done :)  Isn't she awesome?!  This is one of the Goddess stamps from Elementals from Smeared Ink... me likey alot.  I almost started with regular skin tones and thought better of it... I'm so glad.  I think I'll have to buy refill ink for my Copic markers soon, but man I had fun.

I added Crystal Lacquer on the water drop tattoos, eyes & lips... o-so-shiney :)  I seriously tried to get a decent photo, but I'm telling you right now the skin shading looks way better in person.

One thing I might do next time is mask off the inked cheek area... I HAVE been know to perform stamp surgery before... cutting out elements or snipping them apart... but I'm thinking Terra might hex me if I did that :)  AND this is such a lover-ly stamp image... maybe I'd better stick to masking :)

And just so you know, I've NEVER seen a stamp sheet of rubber so damn thick before!  It is unbelievable... I'm just sayin'.  Lil' Grumpies is on my list, but I must wait until next month... dammit.


Alison said…
This looks fabulous! The way you gave her cheekbone a shadow... amazing! And yes, they ARE really thick stamps! Love 'em!!!
blackdragon said…
Your colouring is just damn perfect.... and yep these plates are thick... my poor old thumbs hurt when i cut mine out!
Beautiful work as always my friend... spot on!.... and i'm glad you gave in.... nice to know you got your priorities right!
xxx lynx
Linda aka Oz said…
I won 20 bucks in the pool!!!! whoo HOOOO! thanks for giving in darlin!!

She is fabulous, I see so much depth and would swear she is cut apart and layered. But then I swear alot! Pat your self on the back.. twice.

Teresa Jenkins said…
Great Barb!!!! You are doing so well with coloring! Love the image too!
Daniella said…
Barb, You colored her WONDERFULLY!! I am new to "coloring". I am a scrapbooker, turned mixed media freak. So, my art is throwing tons of stuff on a canvas, and using tons of mediums, and NOT being neat. Now, I have to use my Smeared Ink stamps to color, like an artist!! and I am having a hell of a time coloring like an artist like all of you girls do. I'm tryin!!
AND..I am trying SO HARD to fit my first HDH challenge in this week!!
I want to be in the Gruesome Twosoome so bad!!!
Really great work!
Celeste said…
Love the colors you used!
Huckleberry said…
ha ha ha how long did you make it? I can't believe Oz bet against ya. Here I thought she was your friend. lol

You made it longer than I could have, just don't tell anyone. :+)
Kathi said…
Wow! That's totally gorgeous. I love how you colored her and wish I could see it in person for the dimension and shine!

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