Macabre Monday #025 - Eerie Inspiration

HDH Macabre Monday Rules:
1. Create a Halloweenie SOMETHING (card, scrap page, altered item, whatever) that follows the specific Macabre Monday challenge given. Cutesy is fine, but creepy is better :)
2. You have until the following Sunday night @ 5pm central time to post your creation and please leave a direct-link back here.
3. If you upload to any online galleries (TACPCC, S&S, PCP, SCS, etc.), please tag the title using HDH025.
4. Weekly giveaways!  Some weeks will be loaded with loot, others not-so-much... but the thrill is in the win, right?!  Some prizes shall be by random drawing, others hand picked... and I'm not telling you ahead of time :)
5. I'll be selecting a weekly Gruesome Twosome (my top two favorite creations) from all the players. At the end of every month these will be compiled and a Master of Macabre will be selected. He/she will be asked to be a guest blogger for the following month, if they so wish, and receive a little giftie from me... this could be stamp sets, handmade items, papers, halloweenie embellishments... you just never know.

Ok, my little pretties... your challenge this week:
Eerie Inspiration

 You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween page, project or card by drawing inspiration from the photo below(please click to enlarge)
 This sweet shot is from the 2009 Halloween haunt by PumpkinRot, who just so happens to be one of my favorites for all that is creepy.  Rot's main website is HERE, and his blog is HERE.  When you go to his main site, be sure to peruse through his work... it is fantastic!

I can't wait to see what y'all come up with this week!


blackdragon said…
ok barb i'll try harder this week... you didnt even visit me ... did you know jonny depp was married to me and Oz and had a couple of other ladies too!See you missed a lot of gossip!!! We are a strange bunch who come here... were we stange before we started visiting you or have you corrupted us ? Be back later in the week... probably sunday!
Keep safe and sane
xxx lynx
Paula said…
Well you girls can marry him ... I just plan to use and abuse him. lol

Okay I posted my card. I'm not sure that I have gotten into the groove yet. But I will keep at it. :+)
Paula said…
sis told me my link still wasn't working so I linked it to my blog. I hope this works.

Happy valentines day. blood is red ... :+)
Anonymous said…
I was too busy this week. I hoped to play again this week and put my idea into paper (it was something about harvest time - but the creepy idea of it). Well, I hop that I will have some leisure time next week for your challenge.
~Lady B~ said…
okay...i didn't make anything recently, but I am a huge fan of pumpkinrot! Here is a corpse I made for Halloween after looking at enjoy!

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