Missing my mojo... majorly!

I can't seem to find it... have you guys seen it anywhere?  Did someone borrow it and forget to tell me?  WTH?!  So, all I have for you today is this 2-second card.

Stamps:  Fun Skulls, Linear Sentiments, Tiny Tidbits (Hostess Level A)
Paper:  Premium white cardstock
Ink:  Noir Palette
Other:  Scor-Pal, paper flower

I am hoping to have something of substance for you soon :)

What do you think?
It doesn't look too...ummm... "wow, I hope this gift of wine isn't tainted" or anything... does it?  ;)


Looks like your mojo is making incredible things behind your back! I'm just crazy for this "2 second card." If I could make cards like this in two seconds, I would stop taking two days to make the derned things. LOL. It's stunning & caught my eye right away. (Having said that, though; I hear ya on the mojo. methinks mine is dormant for the winter. ;o)
Suzanne said…
If only I could find your mojo, I'm sorry to say I would not return it to you!!LOL I would most definitely keep it for myself. This card is AWESOME! BTW, I've tried to figure out how to comment on your other blog and just can't seem to do it.
Chark said…
cute card! That's not a 2 second card!! :P I love the pink flower!
I think it is a great basic and simple card. Those are good to do periodically.
Mojo will return. Time for some music to dance to and then dance!
Alison said…
I think it's perfect! Esp. because of the sentiment you used!
Celeste said…
Great card!
Anonymous said…
You lost your mojo???
But you're still making great cards!
This one is perfect, really. I love its simple style. The pirate skull is soo cute (honestly positive - not the "cute to make one sick" thing ;-) )
Linda aka Oz said…
if you ever want to see your mojo again, you must place a gazillion dollars in small unmarked bills or make it quarters...yeah! change all change. In McDonald's happy meal boxes..yeah.. that's the ticket. Put that all into the back of a brand new mini van and deliver it to my door...or ... ummm I mean park it at the airport... God I am so not good at this kidnapping stuff. I will get back to you when I have this figured out better. Oz... oops I mean No name given!!

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