HDH023 GruesomeTwosome

Seriously FABULOUS entries this past week, guys!  And so ends this month's challenges... which means I'll be selecting the January 2010 Master of the Macabre... stay tuned for another post tomorrow!!!

HDH023 - Bridal Couture from the Darkside Gruesome Twosome: Alex for her WICKED-SICK miniature dress (dude, seriously awesome!), and Lynx for her graveside bride! Please grab your GT badge from the sidebar ladies and linky it back to here! We want to get some more players to join the fun!
Prize winner for week HDH023, who will receive the sweet prize package from Oz, is... Suzanne!!! Suzanne, please email me your address and I'll forward that to Oz :) Thanks again, Oz, for sponsoring!!


Suzanne said…
No way! I never win anything! SWEET! I'm so excited. Thanks Barb - you rock! Maybe one day, I'll win a crown like you!!!
Linda aka Oz said…
I agree with the Mistress... fabulous entires. Congrats to everyone! I got a bunch of ideas to stea...I mean I am so inspired by everyone's artistry. ahemmm... Oz
blackdragon said…
Congrats Suzanne.... Alex i love your dress.... i would wear it... well a much larger one... of cause... and i am so happy to be gruesome again, i have missed this challenge soooo much, but i shall try to catch up when i do this weeks challenge and do all the back- challenges too... i have done the 'moon' one i think?
OZ ... you can steal any ideas i have , i probably stole them from you in the 1st place!
hugs and a happy dance lynx
WOW! I am so honored!!! Thank you, thank you. I am in amazing company. You challenges and the entries always inspire me! Thank you tons!
Alison said…
Congrats to all! Everyone made crazy good projects!
Huckleberry said…
CONGRATULATIONS Alex, Lynx & Suzanne!
Wonderful work ... you have raised the bar this week.

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