Dark Love

So I've had these glittery black chipboard letters for OVER A YEAR, and figured I should use some :)  It's been kinda blah here lately, with the sun only peeking out for a few, so I thought I'd take advantage of my dark mood.

It's kinda Twilight-ish, maybe?  I don't know since I STILL haven't seen the movies or read the books.  I KNOW!  Crazy, for a lover of all that is macabre... especially vampires.

The black netting used to hold some glass pebbles... I cut it apart and tied it together with some black Scrapper's FlossRecycling gone goth?  ;)  The flower is Bazzill & the spider is confetti.

Super simple and easy and not very creative, but you've got to have those projects from time-to-time!

What do you think?


I love it! It does fit right along with Twilight, but Edward wasn't the first lovable vampire! Very, very cool indeed.
Kristen H said…
I love it too! I haven't read the Twilight books either. I like less love and more darkness! I love GORE!!! This is very neat, and I love your recycling!
My mom threw all my sketch books away from when I lived at home, because they were too dark. I wish I had them now! I could do a lot with those images!!!! I should get back in that frame of mind and start sketching away. It was very therapeutic!
I think this is fabulous!!! I too am a lover of vampires and will not be reading the books or watching the movies. You can NOT have a vampire walking around in the daylight- period. When you mess with the big rules, I don't follow :)
Linda said…
Very cool looking!! I really like the netting.....adds lots of great texture!!
LadybugSue said…
I absolutely love this card!!!!
KellyRae said…
OMGosh! This is drop-dead gorgeous (lol). LOVE how you re-used the netting.
I love this one! I did read all the Twilight books and it's addictive those vampire stories! I bought the Sookie Stackhouse books also.... ;-)
Hugs Nans
Chark said…
You must watch or preferably read the Twilight books. And I read the Vampire Diaries before it was a tv show and the show rocks!

The card is soooo great!
Chark said…
ps Edward does not walk around in the sunlight...that's a no-no.

That said, I'm more of a Jacob fan--esp in the movie versions!
Gabby said…
HOLY CARAP! I am in LOVE with this!!! It's sooooo my style!!! GORGEOUS!!!
Linda aka Oz said…
I too think the wolfboy is wayyy hotter than the pale one. But the chick who whines all the time and wants to off herself has to go. Give the pale one a chance with a girl who has a little substance. my 2 cents. Love the card too!! the Oz
Unknown said…
I've read everything vampire, but not yet the Twilight Saga.
This card is awesome!!

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