Macabre Monday

Ok, so I've decided to leave last week's challenge up again this week... I know it gets busy around this time of year.  So y'all have another week to get to this one :)  Thanks to Lynx for your participation... we always look forward to your creations!

I hope your Winter Holiday is fantastic and drama-free ;)


blackdragon said...

oh well i might get to do another.... come on OZ... its you and me kid always.... get your finger out now you've got another week.... hope to be back soon barb... i try to never miss a week, even if it is sunday before i do it. Happy christmas if i dont get back before then.
hugs lynx

Alexandra Lundgren said...

I HAVE to have a ghost image here someplace!!! I can't seem to find one- where is my pen? ACK!!

Chark said...

well...crud. I keep forgetting it's 6pm my time--I always do my Sunday crafting late. Missed this week's again--even tho it was two weeks!!! sigh. Will try harder this time.