Gruesome Twosomes for HDH017 & HDH018

The month of December is a busy one... and it is abundantly clear by the challenge participation ;)  I didn't even get one done for HDH018!  And we had TWO WEEKS to do it... what a slacker I am.  So, the Gruesome Twosome for the last two challenges:

HDH017 - Spooky Sprites Gruesome Twosome:  Linda aka Oz for a very cool vintage project, and Lynx for her fiendishly grinning woodland sprite.  And you two had NO competition... LITERALLY!  Thanks so much for sticking with me ladies!

HDH018 - Wintery Wraiths Gruesome TwosomeAnne for a very cool Christmas parlor scene, and Lynx for her unearthly haunted Christmas doorway.

Please grab your GT badge from the sidebar, Anne, and linky it back to here!  Oz & Lynx are already set ;) 

Thanks so much for everyone's participation!  I can't wait to gear up after the hollidays!


Chark said…
Congrats you creepy gals!
Linda aka Oz said…
Oh thank you Barb, I wear my GT badge proudly. Congrats to Lynx on her twosome gruesome..hehe

And to Anne, way to go! Welcome to the dark side..hehe.

Moonglow... ummmm, ideas are starting to form. Oz

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