Gruesome Twosomes and Master of the Macabre...

I totally got yelled at by a couple of you for being the slacker that I am :)  I will no longer be giving excuses... it is just me ;)  So, on to the LONG OVERDUE list of awesomeness that has graced our screens this past month:

HDH014 - Ghastly Gravesites Gruesome TwosomeNans, for an absolutely uber-creepy collage (me likey a lot!), and Linda (Oz) for the rose embellished headstone... fantastic!

HDH015 - Sinister Smirks Gruesome Twosome:  Creepy Glowbugg for a truly sinister santa card, and Melisa for her "Edward" ATC... you gals know I'm a sucker for Torrente images!

HDH016 - Witchie Woman Gruesome TwosomeLinda B. for the cool witchy fabric she used, and Lynx for her dark & mysterious lady.

Please grab your GT badge from the sidebar ladies and linky it back to here!  We want to get some more players to join the fun!!!

Now, the list from which I will draw a name for Master of the Macabre for November 2009 (from HDH012-HDH015 challenges):

1.  Nadine
2.  Nans
3.  Linda (Oz)
4.  Susan
5.  Nans (again!)
6.  Linda (Oz - again!)
7.  Creepy Glowbugg
8.  Melisa

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Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2009-12-08 18:02:29 UTC

The Master of Macabre for November 2009 is:  Linda aka Oz!!!  Grab your Master of the Macabre badge from the sidebar, and please email me with your mailing address so that I can send out your winnings :)

Congratulations, everyone!  I'm sorry it took so long to announce... hopefully next time I'll be better :)  OH!  Also, I have a huge list of challenges already to go, but if there is one that you would like to suggest, please email me anytime!


Linda said…
Congrats Linda aka Oz...your cards are totally awesome!!

Thank you Barb for the Gruesome Twosome award for my Witchie card. 8)
Linda aka Oz said…
I would never yell... well except for THANK YOU for letting me have so much fun!! I will wear the crown and septer proudly and only hope that I can live up the legacy of those that have gone before... curtisey deeply and stepping backwards twice carefully, then exit stage right..... now doing the happy happy joy joy dance!!

Chark said…
Oz--I bow to you, oh, queen of the macabre. Congrats and long live the queen!
nadine said…
congrats Linda aka Oz! wootwoot!!!

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