Macabre Monday #011 - Lurid Love

Welcome to Haunted Design House's Macabre Monday challenge!

HDH Macabre Monday Rules:
1. Create a Halloweenie SOMETHING (card, scrap page, altered item, whatever) that follows the specific Macabre Monday challenge given. Cutesy Halloween is fine, but creepy is better :) However, no extra 'points' are given either way.
2. You have until the following Sunday night @ 5pm central time to post your creation and linky back here.
3. If you upload to any online galleries (TACPCC, PW, PCP, SCS, etc.), please tag the title using HDH011.
4. I'll have monthly contest giveaways... tune in for additional details.
5. I'll be selecting a weekly Gruesome Twosome (my top two favorite creations) from all the players. At the end of every month these will be compiled and a Master of Macabre will be selected. He/she will be asked to be a guest blogger for the following month, if they so wish, and receive a little giftie from me... this could be stamp sets, handmade items, papers, halloweenie embellishments... you just never know.

Ok, my little pretties... your challenge this week:
Lurid Love

Create a dark/Halloween page, project or card featuring love and marriage... 
in all it's gruesome & gothic glory.

What is lurid?  From
1. gruesome; horrible; revolting: the lurid details of an accident.
2. glaringly vivid or sensational; shocking: the lurid tales of pulp magazines.
3. terrible in intensity, fierce passion, or unrestraint: lurid crimes.
4. lighted or shining with an unnatural, fiery glow; wildly or garishly red: a lurid sunset.
5. wan, pallid, or ghastly in hue; livid.

Bride of Frankenstein, goth wedding announcement, a treat for your twisted sweet... I'm picturing some really fun stuff with this one, baby ;)  I'll post my card project in the next couple of days... I'm busy with last minute Halloween preparations!  I'll also announce the Gruesome Twosome for last week at that time.

Ok people... show me the LOVE!


Mr Linky won't accept me.Laurie Alex
charlene said…
Really stepping outside my comfort zone with this one...didn't like any thing until I saw this photo of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. fun!
Linda aka Oz said…
I managed to squeeze in a card this week, thanks to some friends! Happy Halloween Ghoulfriends! Oz
lisa808 said…
I just linked my Exploding Brides of Frankie.

Happy Halloween!
Christina said…
Hey! I actually got something created for this today! just 365 days 'til it's Halloween again!
blackdragon said…
Late again.... but hey you must be used to me by now!
hugs lynx

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