Boo Sprite Girl... in the pink

Well, kids... the big day is almost here!  I didn't get much of anything done today, so I have a ton of work ahead of me tomorrow... spiderwebs, creepy black vines, the big mummy... yikes.  I won't bother dusting anything... that will just add to the ambiance, right?  ;)

Ok, tonight's card is a whole lotta Ca-yoot-ness (right, Patti J.?)  ;)  I know this little sprite isn't too spooky, but she's a little grungey.. does that count?  I think I would look like this if I put a bow in my hair, too ;)  Although, I don't wear dresses... or pink... and I have a mouth & nose...

Stamps (TAC):  Spunky Sprite Girls, retired sentiment
Paper:  Brighten My Day, White UltraSmooth cardstock, DCWV card base
Ink:  Noir Palette
Colorant:  Prismacolors w/mineral oil blending
Other:  misc. ribbons, Bazzill & misc. florals,  jewel

I think I'll be off for the night... to let the images of ghosties & goblins dance about in my skull  ;)

BTW:  let's get some more players in this week's Macabre Monday challenge, people!  Don't you want to win some Halloweenie goodies?!!!


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