Halloween shopping...

Some of you were asking about the Halloween swag I scored this weekend, so here a couple of photos. All of this came from Michael's or HomeGoods stores. The REALLY cool candelabra & owl will be shown after I work my crafty magic :)

Paper mache skull & skull mask, masonite skull panel, skull punch (are you seeing a pattern here?), skull votive holder, coffin boxes, wooden bats, skeleton & house, gothic looking jewels, and an uber-cool gothic looking candle holder.

Pretty sweet, right? I've got some ideas kicking around for the paper mache skulls & wooden coffin boxes already... those should be fun ;) I've already painted & crackled one of the bats in anticipation for SOMETHING... I love getting down & dirty with craftiness.

That's it for my first shopping of the season. And there is so much more out there that I want... I've been told to get to Pottery Barn immediately for the creepy goodness... hmmm... what days to I HAVE to work?


Patti J. said…
Frightfully delightfully amazingly eerie stuff, girl!!! Can't WAIT for your first challenge!!! Hooray! Did you decide on a day, title, etc???
Christina said…
NICE SCORE! I especially like the coffin boxes!

I'm looking forward to your challenges!

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