Let me just start off by saying that I am half asleep while writing this. I only had about 2 hours of sleep last night (and the night before) because Poot's snoring is getting worse and worse. I was such a cranky bi-yatch today, that I am sure my boss and co-worker wanted to kick me to the curb. So, without further ado, and so I can go to bed EARLY, here is tonight's fun stuff:

Jack-o-Pop Boo card supplies:
Stamps: Halloween Town, Fresh Air Favorites, & Boo! gwp stamp
Paper: DCWV orange, misc. black & white cardstocks
Ink: Chartreuse, Landscape, Jardin Moss, Violette, & Noir Palettes
Other: hydra sponge & sanding block

What do you think?
Yes, a simple one, but I'm pooped...


Kim said…
Very cool. I like the white over the sentiment too. Hope you got some sleep last night!!!!
inkmistress said…
I really like these! Sometimes simple is best!

stampin'fool said…
love the card. has he ever been tested for sleep apenia. my hubby snored REALLY loud and got tested and now he does not snore anymore cause of his sleep.
Beverly said…
The sanding idea was brilliant. The top row almost reminds me a Christmas tree w/ ornaments......yes, I know....I'm strange!! Cool card!!

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