I know, I know... where the heck have I been...

I don't EVEN want to get into it... let's just say, I have been crazy busy. I still don't have half of my stuff done that I need to, and...

I want to be a kept woman!

Yeah... didn't see that one coming, did ya'?! :)

Anyhoo, on to the quickie post for tonight: Skull Swirlie Cards. One has a bit of bling, the other... not so much.

Stamps: Halloween Town, Swirlies

Paper: Winchester SWIC & Cardstock, Cha Cha Cardstock

Ink: Purple Hydrangea Versa, Graphite Black Brilliance, VersaMark

Bling: Diamond Stickles

Other: paper piercer, pop dots, distresser

Me likey. I'm thinking that this could be used for more than just a Halloweenie card... how about a break-up card?! ;) Just kidding... well... maybe... I mean, not for ME, but SOMEONE might need one!

[insert ornery grin with raised eyebrow here]

Simple and quick, but with a lot of POP!

What do you think?


Kim said…
I definitely like it!!! Love the corner swirl and bling!
Sarah said…
I love how you used Winchester paper on this card - it works well for a Halloween card!

Sarah G.
Lisadwb said…
I humbly bow down before you- oh Great Halloweenie Mistress!!!LOL Yep, Halloween is your thang!!
Hi Barb. I love all your cute halloween idea's!
Seleise said…
love the stickle eyeballs! super fun card! hmm - as a break-up card? I'm going to say it's too nice. you don't want to work that hard to break up with someone. LOL! :)
Diana said…
Love the layout of this card!! is simply and beautiful!! I love to see your creations!

nic_d said…
Cute cards! What are you going to do when Halloween is over? I am going to miss all of your fun and frightful stuff!!!
Michelle said…
Hi Barb, I wanted to let you know that I just finished my card using the stamped image that Danni sent me for the Random Mail Stamp Challenge. You can see it here:


This was really fun and I'm so glad I got to participate!
Allison said…
How fun...that skull kills me with the seriousness of the rest of the creation!

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