I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack.........

Well, I'm back from my trip to my aunt's house (near Abilene, KS), and I am pooped! I had so much fun with my aunt, mom, and two sisters... I swear we are all dorks. So much giggling and joking and reminiscing. My sister, Linda (the middle child), and I were camped out on two sofas in the family room for our sleeping assignments... my face still hurts from laughing... we were up until at least 1am each night... everyone heard us upstairs all night!

My aunt has a fabulous old stone house out in the country, and has it decorated so cool. Most everything is vintage or antique... with a little splash of contemporary... I love it. She quilts and has such a charming sewing room upstairs. All of us were up there helping to cut all of the fabric for Linda to make her 1st quilt! That should have been captured on video... what a bunch of crazy women! I was trying to 'do the math' so we could cut the correct amount, since my aunt and mom thought it would be easier to just design a 'simple' one instead of following a pattern. It was so late and we were all punchy and bitchy and silly... OMG.

The house is so cool... wood floors, plaster walls, old solid wood doors with glass, wood and plaster ceilings, deep window sills, huge harvest table w/ benches... I'm telling you, it should be in a magazine. The rooms are small and she has tried to minimize her decor and it is just beautiful. She said that she'll take some pictures of the house and send to me, since I didn't take any photos before we overtook the house with all of our crap!

Well, my aunt took us on a whirlwind day out shopping! Aren't these awesome finds?! The first is a wonderful little tealight/votice holder for Halloween. I LOVE THIS! I'll probably end up leaving it out year-round :) It's ceramic and has a metallic over-glaze... so cool.

Now, for the next few beauties, let me say this up front... I am NOT an antique/vintage shopper, typically, but I couldn't resist these. The decor in my house is predominately sleek, modern (but warm) with straight lines and a bit eclectic. That being said, I am now going to start incorporating some of these lovely 'tones' here and there! This one is a fantastic printer's box in excellent condition! It still has the handle and even a label... I got it for only $22.50! Love it!

Though I probably shouldn't, I may be altering it with photos and such (see Donna Downey's... awesome stuff!).

What do you think?
Should I just leave it as is or make it my own?

Next up, a trio of old library card catalogue drawers. Me likey. I don't know whether to leave them out similar to the photo, or to hang them on the wall sideways to create little shelf boxes. I got the trio for $30... pretty good deal, I think.

I also grabbed a great little jar vintage buttons in an old Mason jar... only $4!

What do you think... display the drawer trio similar to the photo or create shelves?


Sarah said...

I'm glad you had such a good time with your family! Your finds are fantastic. I can't wait to see what you do with them!!!

Sarah G.

Kim Ryden said...

Look at this...this is an Ali Edwards creation. I bought a similar box and still need to get working on it! HA HA! But I think it's a really cute idea!


Seleise said...

sounds like it was a wonderful week-end!!! hope you got the fabric cut too! I was near Abilene too at my sister's house. how fun! Love your finds. Tough call on whether to alter them but good luck with your decision. have fun!

kssdesigns said...

Those printer drawers are awesome for your little stamps. I know you plan to alter it but, I have two of them hanging in my craft room. One has all my "hand stamped by" stamps and the other has whatever I had that would fit in the little compartments. I always look for more, but so far haven't had any luck. You got a great deal!

Beverly said...

OMG! I'm so envious!! GREAT finds ... TOUGH decision!! They look great "as is" but I know they'll also look great w/ the "Barb Touch"! Definitely keep us posted as to what you decide! Glad you're home safe & sound!! T T F N~B

inkmistress said...

Nice score! I love finding stuff like that at a bargain! Too bad yard sale season is at an end up here in New England! I'm glad you & your family had fun!


Nancy ~ Inkcicles said...

What awesome finds and a fabulous trip!

You are blessed indeed!


Stampedbyanangel@aol.com said...

Looks like you had a fab time, have fun with your finds whether you alter or leave them.