Hostess Club Night & a Halloweenie Treatie...

I just got home from a trip to the stylist, and I almost feel human again... now that I have short hair, I swear it grows twice as fast... and those pesky grays mixed with dark brunette is just NOT me!! :) The crazy orange-red is much more in sync with my personality [insert raised eyebrow and sheepish grin here].

I don't know what happened, but I swear my calendar blew up and I have had ZERO creative time! I am so bummed. At least the hubby FINALLY hauled all of my Halloween stuff up (well most of it... he did miss two of the COOLEST things and he'll have to fix that soon!). OH! There's the garage door opener... maybe he'll grab the last goodies now!! [another raised eyebrow] Yes, he is, but he is not happy about it... poor Poot...

[me screaming: "Love you... big kiss!!"]

One of the COOL things is the awesome witch hat in the first photo... definitely one of my favorite purchases last year.

Anyway, my Hostess Club ladies were here last night and they re-created my Batty Moon coaster project. My photo really sucks, but they turned out great in real life!

And, as a bonus, Julie made everyone a little Halloweenie treatie! Last month I showed them how to do the sour cream containers from the SCS tutorial, and everyone loved them... Julie even bought a crimper so she could do more (as did Cindy). I really like it when people get excited about a project... it makes me feel like I actually contributed something!

I'm crossing my fingers that I'll get to work on something tomorrow night. My Saturday is TOTALLY BOOKED with Shriner activities because it's Fall Ceremonial. I will be going to the Ladies' Luncheon with my mom, which is always nice, at one of the MANY country clubs in KC (what is it about golf... I just don't get it). There is always a large turnout for the luncheon, and I'll get to see some faces that I haven't in awhile [I've been a very bad Shrine Lady this year... not going to many functions, etc.: bad bad bad].

Side note: I've had a couple of people ask me how I make my seasoned olive oil, so I'll share that next time, too!


Seleise said…
awesome! love the coasters and the sour cream containers (I may case that!) and the hat is super groovy! have fun decorating!
Lisadwb said…
I think there is a Mojo convention somewhere- my went too. LOL
I love the decorations. I am not big on Halloween- but you have me thinking I just may start enjoying it more.;-) The coasters are too cute!!
shannon said…
Is that just one spider stamp on the sour cream containers? I likey!
Angela K said…
Great stuff!! How funny I make witches hats like that!! And shoes too!! Love all of your Halloween stuff!!
Diana said…
Love the projects!! and I love to read your blog also!

JavaMel said…
What a neat idea. These would be perfect for my kids to take to school for Halloween treats...but they'll be tracked out during maybe I'll use this idea for their Christmas party. :-)
nic_d said…
These sour cream containers are great! LOVE them!

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